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Real estate in new buildings from developers of Kvariati

Green Side Kvariati
Green Side Kvariati
From 750$ / m2
ID: 20223 | 4 floors
Seaside Blue
Seaside Blue
From 923$ / m2
ID: 19436 | 2 floors | Villa
Kvariati Hills
Kvariati Hills
From 450$ / m2
ID: 12474 | 3 floors | Townhouse | 200m from sea
Sunset Kvariati
Sunset Kvariati
From 1550$ / m2
ID: 10515 | 7 floors | 50m from sea
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Kvariati. Hot real estate deals

Panorama Kvariati
Panorama Kvariati
1650$ — 2100$ / m2
ID: 196 | 12 floors | Apart-hotel | 20m from sea

Real Estate in Kvariati

Location, climate, and infrastructure

Kvariati is a village in Georgia, located near the border with Turkey, on the Black Sea coast between the city of Batumi (the capital of the Adjarian autonomy) and the village of Sarpi. The distance to Batumi is 15 km to the north, to Sarpi - 3 km to the south.

The climate is subtropical: hot summer (up to +30 degrees Celsius) and relatively warm, rainy winter (from 0 degrees Celsius to +5). The most pleasant weather is May-September, the warmest sea is July-September.

The nearest airport is located in Batumi. The local population is mainly engaged in agriculture and tourism business, and is employed in the service sector. Kvariati is ideal for a contemplative holiday: it is not noisy and not bustling, the sea is clear, mountain and sea landscapes give a good mood. The mountains approach the sea and beautiful eucalyptus trees grow on the slopes. The beaches are well maintained. The infrastructure is getting better, there are restaurants, cafes, shops, hotels are open all year round, if you wish, you can always get to Batumi in 20 minutes by minibus or go to the Turkish city Trabzon (180 km from the border).

Market and real estate prices in Kvariati

The real estate market in Kvariati has features that are largely related to the natural possibilities of the place. The cost of real estate in Kvariati is higher than in Batumi itself. The difference is up to thirty percent. Apartments in multi-apartment residential complexes and apartments in comfort class hotels are in demand. The luxury segment - villas - also occupied its niche. This class of residential real estate in Kvariati began to attract the attention of wealthy investors. The land here is not cheap, the one that is not far from the sea with a relief suitable for construction is becoming less and less on the market and the demand for it is growing. It has become significantly more expensive, according to experts, almost twice. Hotels of world-famous hotel brands are being built on the territory of the village. Expensive houses in this location will also always find their buyer, despite the increase in cost by 15-20%.

Rent prices are also rising. Investors can earn on renting and on resale. According to the most cautious estimates of experts, villas will rise in price by another 50% in the medium term, since there is an understanding that there is no other place in the west of the country in terms of comfort. Thus, buying residential property in Kvariati is quite profitable. The trend towards an increase in demand and prices is also associated with geopolitical processes: the mass arrival of the citizens of Belarus, Russia, and a number of other countries, an increase in the volume of money transfers and transactions.

Real estate prices in Kvariati are as follows:

  •  adjacent non-agricultural land plot - in the region of 50-70 USD per sq.m.,
  •  villas - from 600-700 USD per sq.m (however, their area is several hundred meters),
  •  apartments and apartments in hotels (completed in a black frame condition ) - from 450 USD per sq.m.

It is quite clear that this process is in dynamics and you should use up-to-date information at the time of the search for housing.

Real estate website in Kvariati (full catalog)

In order to avoid problems, it is advisable to obtain information from experienced experts and follow their recommendations. Investors and buyers can use the help of the site GEOLN.COM, which contains the objects for sale and their characteristics.

Property types for sale

Real estate is represented in the village by primary and secondary housing, a commercial fund (warehouse, retail facilities), buildings at the design, construction stage, and free land plots for development.

Buying real estate in Kvariati: the nuances of choosing housing

Since the statement and transaction are drawn up in Georgian, it is important to find an interpreter. Many developers offer interest-free installments. Some of them provide an opportunity to purchase real estate for cryptocurrency. The new buildings do not have centralized heating, they use gas water heaters, air conditioners with a heating function and other equipment that the owner of the apartment buys on his own.

Foreign citizens can acquire any real estate, except for agricultural land. The purchase of real estate in the amount of one hundred thousand dollars or more entitles a foreign investor to obtain a residence permit.

Buying real estate in Kvariati is beneficial for the purpose of generating income from renting, reselling, relaxing and living on the coast, where the sea is especially clear and the climate is comfortable.

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