Legal support of real estate transactions

The procedure of purchasing real estate requires the involvement of professional experts in the field, so that you, as a client, can protect your interests under the contract. We gathered the best experts in the field who provide transaction support services, and also provided detailed comments on this issue in this material.
Published at 26/06/2020

Real estate transactions can often present complex financial and legal processes. You can not rely on standard template agreements when buying real estate because the agreement must legally protect your interests as a buyer of real estate. Therefore, experts of GEOLN.COM recommend you to conduct a legal due diligence of the real estate, a construction company, a project, and an agreement that you sign with the seller.

Legal support of real estate transactions involves a different range of services. Experts of GEOLN.COM tell you in detail what you should pay attention to and why a lawyer is the most important person in the process of buying real estate.

And today, we will pay attention to the service of legal support of the transaction with the buyer and seller...

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Purchasing real estate is not the case when you need to save money. Work on legal support of real estate transactions should be entrusted to professionals who will primarily take into account your interests as a buyer. Relying on the fact that the developer will be conscientious - this is not even a subject of conversation, because you will agree by accepting the standard template of the developer's contract - you agree to the terms of the developer, according to which he will primarily defend his interests. Your task is to take care of your own interests in various possible situations. Understanding this, we have gathered the best experts-practicing lawyers, whom we recommend that you contact in the case of a real estate purchase and sale transaction. Read more -

Now in many countries, transactions in the real estate market are transparent, because all data and documentation about objects of sale and purchase are publicly available on the official websites of government agencies. But in practice, we find that if a simple transaction can still be made by a customer-buyer without the help of third parties, then in the case of transactions from the category of complex (transactions with encumbrances, mortgages, purchase of collateral, purchase of real estate by proxy, translation and apostillation of passports of foreign citizens), difficulties arise. Without serious experience, GEOLN.COM does not recommended to conduct such transactions by yourself.

Often, in the case of an independent transaction, based on template contracts or unverified contracts, a positive result may not be obtained, but also entail much greater financial losses than it might seem at first glance. Read more in an interview with experts on legal support of real estate transactions from GEOLN.COM.

How to order a legal support service for a real estate transaction?

In the table with description of each property available in the real estate search engine, you can find the order transaction support button, by clicking on the button you can order legal support for the selected object.

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You can also call the hotline +995 558 7000 88 or make a request using the link We will be happy to help you save time and provide a free initial consultation on your question.

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