The real estate tour for new buildings in Georgia

The best way to see Georgia and buy profitable real estate property. Absolutely free trip in case of purchase of real estate property.
Published at 16/12/2019

The tour for new buildings is a unique product by GEOLN.COM in the market which gives you an opportunity to view all the interesting real estate projects. At the same time, you can choose both the country of investment and the property that you want to see on the tour.

For a client-buyer the real estate tour is the best solution to combine a vacation with an investment. After all, each tour includes a full-fledged tourist program of recreation and business program. This is the best way to get acquainted with the country of investment. For buyers the real estate tour is free, as you get 100% cash back, a refund of funds spent on vacation in case of purchase. We will tell you about the advantages, promotions and conditions of participation in the real estate tour in this article.

The real estate tour for new buildings in Georgia  — Advices from experts and reviews of real estate on GEOLN.COM. Photo 1

You can choose new buildings or secondary housing that you want to see in the tour from the search database GEOLN.COM. You just need to set a filter to select the property by its parameters. From the options you like, choose those objects that you include in the tour for new buildings by yourself.

How to add an object to the tour?

The real estate tour for new buildings in Georgia  — Advices from experts and reviews of real estate on GEOLN.COM. Photo 2

To add an object, click on the “airplane” icon in the description card. The objects you have added will be available on the page of the real estate tour, where you can send a request for the tour.

Presentation of the tour for real estate from GEOLN.COM

You can get acquainted with the tour program, the program of visiting tourist places, the plan of visiting new buildings, in each tour, in each selected country. It is also possible to make an individual tour for buying real estate for private investors. List of real estate tours from GEOLN.COM presented on the site -

In this example, we want to show you the real estate tour in Georgia. Tours to Georgia are performed by G-TRAVEL.WORLD, so you can be sure of the quality of the tourist holiday that will be provided to you.

The main advantages of the tour by GEOLN.COM:

  • You choose from the database of the proven objects;
  • You contact the developer directly, without intermediaries;
  • You pay for the tour from your personal account, after the registration;
  • You get your money for the tour back in case of purchase of an object of any developer;
  • You can add additional services (excursions, transfer, accommodation, consulting, legal support, etc.).

Draw attention:

We provide a service and are not interested to sell any of the objects, that is why our expert will share an independent opinion and suggest several options for comparison. You will get an objective expert evaluation. Ordering a tour from a developer, the development company will be able to offer only its objects and it does not necessarily mean that it will provide a refund of spent money for the tour.

Additional services

Make your purchase of a property fascinating. We will provide an opportunity to add some additional services to the list of objects you would like to view:

  • The city tour
  • The restaurants of the national cuisine
  • Shopping
  • Transfers to different places
  • Accommodation in the hotel
  • Consulting on issues of real estate property and legal support 
  • Authentic exclusive tours
  • Others

We will do everything to help you to combine business with pleasure.

Your team of GEOLN.COM. 

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