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Buying real estate remotely with the support of company experts (without visiting the country of investment - saving time and money).
Published at 08/07/2020

You are here - it is there, but we will connect you! By GEOLINE. And in this case, we are talking about real estate, about verified real estate that you can buy from a distance.

Purchasing real estate remotely, at a distance, is very often associated with services such as an online real etstate tour, online payment for real estate, and remote legal support.

Today, when the world has no borders, the fact of remote acquisition of real estate ownership in many cases does not surprise anyone. This procedure, due to the technological features of the relationship between the parties, is completely transparent and has slight differences depending on the country of investment.

About how to buy real estate remotely, what to pay attention to and what stages you need to go through, we have described in detail in the article "How to buy a property remotely?". We recommend you to follow the described procedure for remote real estate acquisition and make sure to use the services of a lawyer.

What are the advantages of remote purchase?

- You become the owner of real estate, saving time and money

  • Save time and money - real estate selection you carry out using GEOLN.COM. You do not need to fly to the purchase and sale transaction - everything happens remotely! You save on payment for accommodation, air tickets, etc.
  • Buy at a bargain price. - Buy at the best price, as many developers provide special conditions and additional bonuses to clients who invest online.
  • Possibility of obtaining a residence permit. - In the case of investment in real estate, you get a residence permit of the country of investment. For example, in Georgia, this allows you to stay in the country 365 days a year, do business and use bank loans.

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