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GEOLN.COM real estate search engine is part of the group of companies of Geoline Holdings LLC.

GEOLN.COM is real estate search engine from developers and owners around the world. We provide our clients with the opportunity to select real estate easily and conveniently and purchase it online or go on a free tour to have a rest and buy real estate.

To learn more about the features of the real estate search engine, follow the link - WELCOME.GEOLN.COM

Mission of GEOLN.COM

We want to organize all the information available in the world about construction projects and real estate, to provide quick and convenient access to it, to give the buyer and the developer / owner an opportunity to interact directly.

We strive to ensure that modern technology helps clients with the selection of verified real estate. By creating a system of transparent relationships in the market, we make people happier, saving time on the selection and acquisition of the ideal property.

Goals of GEOLN.COM

By means of GEOLN.COM tools we help users to find an ideal property quickly. Ideal options are those that meet the customer's demand, are verified and meet expectations. Presenting an international real estate acquisition platform, we pursue the following goals:

  1. To make the real estate market transparent and accessible to the client.
  2. To establish a direct contact between the buyer and the developer or owner.
  3. To provide convenient tools for search, selection, communication.
  4. Only verified real estate offers.
  5. To improve the quality of developers’ service.
  6. To work around the world helping to acquire reliable, proven real estate offers.

We do not sell real estate - we help you find it

Providing information about projects on the website GEOLN.COM, we not only make it convenient to search for real estate, but actually eliminate the chaos faced by the buyer.

Each developer is advertised as the best, and agencies set inflated commissions and offer options that either promise good commissions or are available in the agency database for sale. Under such conditions it is difficult for the client to find and choose the necessary option.

Our goal is to change the approach to the acquisition of real estate in the world.

We want clients to buy property from the developer and owner without commissions. With its revolutionary approach GEOLN.COM changes the established rules of cooperation once and for all, giving clients the opportunity to independently select real estate according to the parameters of interest: from the price, location, cost of sq. m., to the analysis of the infrastructure of the selected project and direct communication with sales offices in one place.

Benefits that users of GEOLN.COM receive

1. Saving time and energy

There is no need to visit hundreds of sites of developers or real estate agencies, write out the found variants of projects in Excel or on a sheet of paper, call to find out whether the information is relevant. The greatest value is time, and we help to save it. Search tools of GEOLN.COM help to find the perfect property from the developer and the owner in three clicks, add interesting projects to your favorites and convenient lists to compare them with each other.

2. Profitable purchase - no commissions

GEOLN.COM helps users find relevant deals and directly contact developers and owners. Turning directly to the developer/owner, you do not pay any commissions to intermediaries, as they simply do not exist. Moreover, especially for users of GEOLN.COM, developers provide personalized discount certificates for purchases in the amount of $300. Ordering such a certificate, you get cash back. That is, a refund of part of the money for the purchase of real estate. The certificate for cashback is available in the description card of each developer and is absolutely free of charge.

3. Buy property online, remotely and pay with cryptocurrency

Have you found offers that are perfect for you? Is it time to buy? With the help of GEOLN.COM, it is possible to make an online purchase, just entering your bank card details in your personal account, and you can also buy real estate remotely, without visiting the country of investment, and of course you can pay for your favorite real estate objects with cryptocurrency through the processing service of our crypto exchange. Read more on the page paying for real estate with cryptocurrency.

4. Free tours to buy real estate

When you have selected an appropriate property, GEOLN.COM allows you to visit the selected objects personally before the purchase. At the same time, we make sure that your trip is not only business, but also includes a recreation program. Learn more about real estate tours by GEOLN.COM in the service description section and follow the link tour for new buildings.

5. Round the clock online support and hotline

If manager of the developer does not respond to your request, or you want to clarify questions about the project, to order the service Third opinion or Expert consulting, operators of GEOLN.COM are at your disposal.

6. Tour for new buildings by car

Focus only on viewing real estate - order a tour by car and we will take you through all the new buildings you have selected on the website. You can arrange the tour by following the link tour for new buildings by car from GEOLN.COM. To add an item to the tour, click on the car symbol in the project card or in the item characteristics table. It's easy and simple

7. Free transfer to the property

Do you want to communicate with the developer's Sales Department not only online, but in person? Or maybe see the construction? - Take advantage of a great offer from a developer who uses the services by GEOLN.COM - free transfer to the construction site or to the sales office. On the project page, fill in the details and a car will pick up you, deliver it to the office and back, well, it's nice.

You will find even more advantages, services at the link Services by GEOLN.COM

Service centers of GEOLN.COM

 &nbsp Service centers are offices where clients can use the services provided, discuss cooperation, become part of our team, or just see life of GEOLN.COM inside. You can also get information about other products of the company in the service centers, for example, G-INVEST. LTD - #1 platform for searching for high-quality investment projects, use the services of a professional lawyer in real estate or get personal advice from an investment expert. Would you like to visit our service center? Save the page to bookmarks or follow the link - contacts, addresses and details of service centers to view the nearest office.

See you, GEOLN.COM team

GEOLN.COM - leading experts of real estate market

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