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The best way to view the residential complex, city and infrastructure before purchasing a properties. Selection of real estate objects for viewing in the tour and purchase is carried out on GEOLN.COM
Published at 08/07/2020

An online real estate tour is the best way to view a property, city, and infrastructure before purchasing a property. We recommend you to learn more about this service in the video below.

The script of the video:

"Meet Zaza.

He ordered an online real estate tour by GEOLN.COM.

And this is Diana, the manager who runs an online tour.

Let's see how the tour goes.

Zaza, using a real estate search engine, selects properties to view on the tour.

When everything is selected, he sends a request for a tour.

The manager accepts the request and plans the tour route.

On GEOLN.COM Zaza agrees on the tour date and makes the payment.

Payment can be made using cryptocurrency.

Or using a standard bank card.

The route is planned, the time is determined.

Zaza uses skype to meet with the manager and participates in the tour.

He views a property, infrastructure, and the city.

The manager shows the city, shops, streets, and real distances.

Further communication continues online.

Within 48 hours, there is a special offer - refund of the tour price, in case of purchase of real estate.

This is a good offer, so Zaza buys that real estate object.

Zaza can get a transaction support sevice by GEOLN.COM.

Zaza is a happy owner of a real estate object of his dreams.

With GEOLN.COM dreams come true

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The best way to find real estate without intermediaries"

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Advantages of an online real estate tour by GEOLN.COM?

  • You will learn absolutely all the information about the selected residential complex, you will be able to view a property, estimate the distances and understand whether what is drawn in the photo corresponds to the real location.
  • You will save time and money - as there is no need to personally visit all the objects. You can choose the residential complexes you are interested in and either attend the tour online, in real time, or get video recordings of the residential complexes you are interested in and objects nearby.
  • The ability to continue communication with the manager and find exactly the property you want.
  • Price. Very often, developers are ready to provide either loyal terms of purchase or additional bonuses to customers who purchase online. Therefore, there is every chance to get the best price from the developer.

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