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Information section of GEOLN.COM experts, author's special projects, checklists and detailed descriptions of investment climates and potentials of different countries will help you learn more about long-term countries and real opportunities for investment.

You will learn how to buy a property from a developer without an intermediary, how to invest more reliably, and how to make money in real estate. Reviews and tips will help you choose profitable real estate. Also you will get information about renovation, design, buying an apartment for vacation, business or life.

Target categories will be useful both when choosing an apartment from a developer in a new building, and when buying an apartment from an owner.

For more details about the investment potential of the region and for getting an expert advice on purchase of real estate in the secondary and primary markets of the selected country, we recommend visiting the information catalog of the selected country.

Useful tips and news can be found in thematic special projects.

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GEOLN.COM experts are practitioners that are well-informed about the selected country and region. By reading reviews, you can be sure that the information is up-to-date. We tell about all the issues that interest the future owner of the property, give private advice and provide services of an independent opinion of the third party.

By reading reviews, you can always ask GEOLN.COM experts a question in the chat and get an answer online. To learn more about the country where you are considering to buy a property, select the country in the list.