Why is it profitable to invest in Georgia now?

Georgia's investment climate for business development. Investments in the real estate sector.
Published at 16/12/2019

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Why is it profitable to invest in Georgia now? — Advices from experts and reviews of real estate on GEOLN.COM. Photo 1

Georgia is in high positions with lots of investment indicators. First of all, this is a country that has shown to the whole world that radical reforms and in the case of Georgia that gave results and became the beginning of the new history in the development.

Georgia is in high positions in many investment indicators. First of all, it is a country that has demonstrated to the world that radical reforms have yielded great results and were the beginning of a new history in development.

Why is it profitable to invest in Georgia now? — Advices from experts and reviews of real estate on GEOLN.COM. Photo 2

According to the World Rating of Doing Business, Georgia ranks 16th by the ease of doing business. Through continuous improvement of the business climate, reforms of the civil services according to European standards, engaging of International organisations, including financial ones, the Georgian government rapidly develops various projects: social, educational, cultural and others. This significantly increases the results in these fields, and also the image of the country as a whole.

As for the attractiveness of Georgia in regards to investment, a few factors should be mentioned here that play an important role:

Safety. Georgia is the safest country in Europe and ranks 6th in the world.

Capitalization of investments reaches 200% per annum..

Low taxes. The Georgian tax system is quite simple, it contains only 6 types of taxes, with a low rate.

It is also possible to take a grace period or vacation from taxes. Low tax rates together with tax exemption make Georgia one of the most attractive tax jurisdictions in the world.

- Highly professional police work.

- Continuous improvement of work in the field of business administration.

- Global changes in all spheres of life of the country.

- Geographical location. Thanks to its position on the world map, Georgia serves as a physical and political bridge between the European and Western markets with the huge potential of the Caspian and Mediterranean regions, through the continuous implementation of several major energy and transport projects.

- Four existing transport seaports, an updated railway infrastructure, three international airports and an international standard highway from the Eastern border of Georgia to the Black Sea, represent the possibility of the fastest and highest quality transit of goods from Central Asia to Europe and vice versa.

- Tourist sphere. Tourism growth in the world annually makes 4-5%, and in Georgia, for the current year, it makes 15%. These figures once again confirm the ever-growing interest in the country by tourists from all over the world.

It is difficult to overestimate Georgia's achievements, only last year an incredible number of actions were taken to simplify business, protect investors, simplify the payment of taxes, improve the quality of land management, as well as simplify the registration of agreements on export and import of products.

Based on the actual data, we can talk about the positive dynamics of the country's development and an attractive investment climate.

We will tell you more about the investment climate of Georgia in the following articles.


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