Out team

    United by the achievement of common goals and awareness of the mission and magnitude of the changes that GEOLN.COM team is bringing to the global real estate market, we, experts #1 in the world, the creators and developers of GEOLN.COM.

    We do not get acquainted with the digital future, we create it and bring it closer by implementing the best solutions for selected industries.     Respect for the work and professionalism of each other, achieved results and grateful customer feedback determine the value of each member of our international team, the desire to change the world through products is the basis of our business.     Already today we serve clients from all over the world and are present in 20+ countries. Our employees speak 12+ languages, and the potential scale of development generates in our hearts confidence and pride of a new, sought-after product in the real estate market, designed from scratch and created as a requirement of the new digital era. We do not wait for changes to happen - we make them. And the choice of over 500,000 users gives us confidence that we are on the right track.     We are really proud that we share a common mission – to create a transparent system of relations of the client and the buyer. We strive to organize all the information available in the world about construction projects, developers and real estate objects and provide quick and convenient access to it.

    With the help of modern technologies, we give the buyer and the developer or owner an opportunity to interact directly. It is always so much more than just making a deal, than just buying.

This is primarily our business, in which we invest not only time and money, but our soul.

This is a product that we improve every moment, and tips and feedback from employees, friends and relatives as a valuable gift are immediately implemented, maintaining a confident banner of leadership, confirmed by world experts and such world publications as FORBES, International Investment, ZP and others .

    Our network of offices is growing rapidly every day, and the number of users who are looking for and buying real estate already covers more than 70 countries. However, we know for sure that even more global peaks, achievements and results are ahead and with the company's team of experts, we strive to achieve our goals.