Obtaining a mortgage for the purchase of real estate

Do you want to buy a home in a new building or other real estate, but do not have enough cash? Then you will be interested in the mortgage registration service via the Internet. Bank managers for online mortgages from GEOLN.COM online agree on the terms of the loan without visiting the office. You will find out the available terms, interest rates, repayment schemes from leading banks. This will allow you to choose the most profitable mortgage and buy real estate at the most favorable conditions.
Published at 27/05/2021

Service - obtaining a mortgage for the purchase of real estate

Buying an apartment or other real estate using a mortgage is possible with the service of the real estate search engine GEOLN.COM. We cooperate with leading banks in the regions and give you the opportunity to negotiate online mortgage terms from leading banks. At the same time, you do not need to visit branches and prepare packages of documents, since the online bank manager accepts and processes applications, which allows you to quickly find out the solution. You will receive real offers from banks.

Online mortgage - how does it work?

Selection of property.

- You have selected a property on the GEOLN.COM search engine. An application for a real offer from a bank for a mortgage can be submitted for the following types of real estate:

  • Apartments in new buildings
  • Real estate objects from owners
  • Commercial real estate
  • Land plot

Online mortgage calculation.

- You can calculate the terms of the mortgage online even before applying. To do so, select the Calculator button and set the necessary mortgage conditions right on the property card. An example of the location of the online mortgage calculator on a new building card.

Obtaining a mortgage for the purchase of real estate — Advices from experts and reviews of real estate on GEOLN.COM. Photo 1

When you open the calculator, you can independently select the desired mortgage conditions from the bank in the pop-up window. An example of a calculation is shown below:

Obtaining a mortgage for the purchase of real estate — Advices from experts and reviews of real estate on GEOLN.COM. Photo 2

Depending on the specified conditions, banks will be offered after the withdrawal of the calculations. These banks are ready to provide loans for the purchase of real estate according to the conditions set by you. Depending on the country, city and region, different banks and bank managers may be offered. Thanks to the calculator, you have access to a smart mortgage calculation with details of payments by month of payment, amounts and interests. Also, before submitting an application, we inform you about the percentage of payments on a real estate loan and about the amount of payments both in repayment of the debt and on account of interest. Thus, you can choose the best mortgage option for the purchase of real estate and make sure that your income or current amount is sufficient for the purchase.

Sending of an offer to the bank online 

- The offer you have formed on the property page will be sent to the bank of your choice. Offers from the best banks with which GEOLN.COM cooperates are available online on the calculation page. Please note that you can send offers to several banks in order to get the most favorable conditions. Also, the GEOLN.COM Service Department will come to your aid if you need a preliminary banking consultation. The GEOLN.COM mortgage program manager will advise you on the best lending conditions, specifics of working with banks and possible conditions. You can independently send an offer to the bank for obtaining a mortgage on this page by filling out the form below, or on the property page.

What mortgage will you get approved? - GEOLN.COM knows

- Just send an application to get a preliminary approval of the mortgage. The advantage is that you can send all applications to several banks in real time and get a response. Your answer to the request for obtaining a mortgage will be displayed in your personal account of the GEOLN.COM. Therefore, before submitting an application, we recommend creating a user account.

Buying an apartment with a mortgage: advantages with GEOLN.COM

GEOLN.COM is an international real estate search engine. All top banks from different countries and regions cooperate with our platform, which gives the client a number of advantages. These are favorable mortgage conditions, quick approval and obtaining a mortgage by non-residents for buying real estate abroad. Thanks to international partnerships and global interaction, you receive a preliminary solution from partner banks immediately after submitting your application. It is certainly convenient that everything is on one site and you do not need to describe each selected property separately and tell the bank manager about it, just as you do not need to create an application form for each property. All applications for a mortgage are formed in one click. Other advantages noted by clients who have received a mortgage on GEOLN:

  • Online help - a personal manager for work with mortgage programs from GEOLN.COM will answer all your questions and tell you what to do in your case. Also, help is available in the chat and personal account.
  • We know the mortgage decision right away - you don't need to go to the bank to find out the mortgage decision. The bank manager sends all decisions to your personal user account, so that you know everything in advance. You just need to visit the bank once to sign the documents on the spot.
  • Convenient work - all data on applications is saved in your user account, so you can submit applications at a convenient time for you.

Buying an apartment through a mortgage is a popular service that helps you achieve your investment goals faster. With convenient tools from GEOLN.COM, you are one step closer to buying real estate. In our network, we will quickly connect you with banks to obtain solutions.

Are you ready to apply for your mortgage online?

Just fill out the form below and the GEOLN.COM mortgage program manager will guide you through all the stages, provide answers to questions and provide a service that you want to tell your friends about.

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