How to choose furniture for your home in Georgia?

We have chosen a plot, developed a project, built a house in Georgia. Today we will consider the key issues that should be paid attention to when choosing furniture for your home.
Published at 20/12/2019

In previous publications of our special project “A house in Georgia" we told how to build a house, decide on the plot and the intricacies of legal issues. Today we will consider the issue of creating coziness and comfort in the house with the help of an individual selection of furniture. For consultations and clarifications related to both general issues and the specifics of the furniture market in Georgia, we turned to the specialists of the company "Super Furniture". 

How to choose furniture for your home in Georgia? — Advices from experts and reviews of real estate on GEOLN.COM. Photo 1

Handmade furniture to order. 

Everyone wants his home to be as comfortable and as beautiful as possible. The main elements of any decision in the interior are the furniture, which should be not only beautiful but also as functional as possible. If you divide the total space of an apartment or house into certain functional zones, it turns out that these zones will be present, both in large houses and even in the smallest studios. These areas are the same everywhere: entrance hall, kitchen, living room, bedroom, children's room, etc. 

After the home renovation, a person begins to furnish his home with furniture. At this stage, you have to choose your option among the many offers and price categories. And first of all, you need to decide what furniture you want - ready-made or custom-made.

Ready-made furniture, unfortunately, can not fulfill all the functional needs of a person and match the desired dimensions. Such furniture is also called standard. This means that the purchased ready-made wardrobe will likely be smaller or larger than necessary, and the internal filling will be reduced to a standard minimum set of functions. Some more possible minuses of ready-made furniture are a lack of availability in a warehouse, low quality of materials, accessories and the limited colour scale. It is not always possible to find the right model, colours, say nothing of the quality. According to this, ready-made furniture is often less expensive than custom-made furniture. 

Very different is the case with custom-made furniture. You, as a customer can adjust the size, colour and of course accessories, which will be equipped with future furniture. It is very important to understand that when ordering furniture you as a customer will have to participate in the process of creating and approving the future model of furniture. And there are a lot of different factors that affect the end result. Here are some of them:

1. Functional needs

Before looking for furniture you need to think about the functions of the furniture. Turning to the executor, be sure to focus on this. Let's say you need furniture for the bedroom and you have a certain number of things that will be stored there. And here, when figuring out your functional needs, the fun begins. It turns out that you need to place in the sleeping area an ironing board, two suitcases, 20 hangers for short clothes, 10 hangers for long clothes, 30 things folded, 8 pants, 4 sets of bed linen, 2 blankets, 4 pillows, a small safe, underwear for spouses separately from each other, 30 pairs of shoes in boxes, TV, two night lights, 10 books, a place to work with a laptop, you need to charge phones, and even suppose to fit part of the children's wardrobe.

Functionality is the basis of custom-made furniture, which must find out the executor! This directly affects the quality of the future project. When talking with a potential executor of your order, pay attention to the questions that he asks you. You will have a clear understanding of his level of professionalism.

2. Project.  

Custom-made furniture is very often performed without a 3D project, based on a drawing made by hand in a notebook. Under this option, you as a customer are deprived of a clear understanding of how to influence the dimensions of the furniture in the common space in the room fit the furniture into the overall concept of the room, whether it is convenient to use this furniture, whether fully worked out the functionality of not just one product but a whole zone (bedroom, living room, dressing room, etc.), will there be enough natural light or not, and of course, you will not be able to see the future product in a certain colour. We recommend approaching the development of future furniture, with the mandatory use of the 3D project, in which it is possible to visually place all your things and see the common space with the arranged furniture, in a certain colour.

How to choose furniture for your home in Georgia? — Advices from experts and reviews of real estate on GEOLN.COM. Photo 2

3D furniture placement project-a prerequisite before the start of work

3. Price. 

For any customer, the question of price is important. What is the cost of the order? First of all, it is the cost of material and accessories. In most companies specializing in custom-made furniture, there is a basic and additional pricing option. We recommend you as a customer to take the time and understand all the intricacies of the complete set of the product and the quality of the proposed material. In the case where you do not have the information completely, you risk getting a higher cost on your order.

How to choose furniture for your home in Georgia? — Advices from experts and reviews of real estate on GEOLN.COM. Photo 3

Payment method and price

All information must be provided to you by the executor in full. You also need to understand that turning to the company you will most likely get the cost higher than that of a private trader, because the company pays wages, taxes, etc., that is, turning to private traders most likely the price will be lower than in the company. But you need to understand that the company will have a contract, with clearly stated terms of manufacture, a preliminary design, a warranty on the product, and you as a customer will be deprived of all this. 

4. Time.

Let's talk about the time costs of the customer. When choosing ready-made furniture, you are forced to search, either through the Internet or by going to shops, with limited choices. Stopping the choice of custom-made furniture, you need to spend about the same amount of time to find a professional company or private owner + additional time to develop the project, approval, etc. The shortest amount of time you will spend on the purchase of ready-made. If you order custom-made furniture, it will take longer. Some manufacturing companies still provide remote work services. In this case, your time costs can be compared with the purchase of ready-made furniture. We recommend to carry out preliminary initial monitoring of the market via the Internet, followed by phone calls to sellers and production companies before the trip. Make a list and an approximate route. With this approach, you will significantly reduce the time to search for a store or manufacturer.

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