Investor RoadMap. Real estate crowdfunding or how to become an owner of profitable apartments for $ 7000?

Published at 13/04/2020

Investor RoadMap. Real estate crowdfunding or how to become an owner of profitable apartments for $ 7000? — Advices from experts and reviews of real estate on GEOLN.COM. Photo 1

How to become an owner of real estate for $ 7000?

Small investments are a good start for creating your own financial "safety cushion" and getting a new passive source of income.

  • But how to open a world of great opportunities with small investments? 

Today experts of GEOLN.COM answer these and other questions.

- In the world investment practice, one of the best ways to start investing with small amounts of money is crowdfunding. 

Real estate crowdfunding is a voluntary group of people, a collective that combines their finances, in order to jointly buy real estate. 

A distinctive feature of this method is an affordable, low entry price since you buy profitable real estate collectively.

  • And where can I find a group of investors like me who are ready to start investing with small amounts of money? 

- You do not need to search for co-investors or a group of investors. International, verified crowdfunding platforms have already taken care of everything. On such platforms, everything has already been checked, and investors who are not even familiar with each other are already grouped automatically, due to the technological capabilities of the system.

  • Where can I find objects for investment using the crowdfunding model? 

- The world's most popular property search engine site GEOLN.COM provides the ability to find and select properties that are available for collective investment. In particular, both in Georgia and around the world.

Today, we have answered three of the most popular questions about available small investment opportunities, whether you need to search for a group of co-investors, and how to find real estate using the crowdfunding model? 

In the following articles, we will write about other important details, subtleties, and nuances that are important to consider when buying real estate using the crowdfunding model. 

And now, we recommend you to visit the international real estate crowdfunding platform - 

and watch the #3 episode of the program "World Citizen" on YouTube about how to become a property owner with a guaranteed income in the premium project HolidayInn Blue Sky Tower for $ 7000?

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