How to use the free transfer service to the developer's sales office?

Published at 17/07/2020

You can read about the developer and projects under construction both on their official website and on the site page in the GEOLN catalog. However, a personal visit to the developer's office has many advantages. There you can get acquainted with the latest documents for a new building that are not always uploaded on time to the site, get offers for loans, installments, find out current prices, arrange a tour of the construction site, see materials and equipment. But how to visit the developer's office, or maybe more than one, saving time and money? Real estate search engine GEOLN cares about the comfort of customers and offers a free transfer service to the sales office. Do not waste time searching for the right address, open a separate app for ordering a taxi, and explain to the driver exactly where to take you.

How to use the free transfer service to the developer's sales office? — Advices from experts and reviews of real estate on GEOLN.COM. Photo 1

The free transfer service will save your time and money. For more information about how to get this service, see the following video.

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