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Green Side Kvariati
Green Side Kvariati
From 750$ / m2
ID: 20223 | 4 floors
Seaside Blue
Seaside Blue
From 923$ / m2
ID: 19436 | 2 floors | Villa
Kvariati Hills
Kvariati Hills
From 450$ / m2
ID: 12474 | 3 floors | Townhouse | 200m from sea
Sunset Kvariati
Sunset Kvariati
From 1550$ / m2
ID: 10515 | 7 floors | 50m from sea
Mgzavrebi Seaside
Mgzavrebi Seaside
From 1200$ / m2
ID: 1009 | 12 floors
Panorama Kvariati
Panorama Kvariati
1650$ — 2100$ / m2
ID: 196 | 12 floors | Apart-hotel | 20m from sea

New buildings in Kvariati

Kvariati on the map

Kvariati is a village on the Black Sea coast in Georgia. It is located between the city of Batumi and Sarpi (near the border with Turkey), on the Kakhaber lowland on both sides of the banks of the Kvariati River.

Why is it profitable to buy an apartment from the developers in Kvariati?

The village is considered an ideal place for a relaxing holiday by the sea. Kvariati has a well-groomed beach with a length of up to a kilometer, the depth of the sea begins a few meters from the shore and this is a plus for skillful swimmers and divers. It is believed that this place has the purest water in the whole Adjara. The main reason is the location to the south of the mouth of the Chorokha River, its turbid waters are carried away by the current.

The pleasure and benefits of swimming and the sea breeze is complemented by mountain air, wonderful impressions of contemplating the peaks. The region has a subtropical humid climate, comfortable for life and relaxation. The location of the village makes it easy to get to Batumi or visit Turkey.

Investors are showing interest in real estate from the developers here. It is planned to extend the Batumi embankment to Sarpi, and after that it will become the longest embankment in Europe. And as soon as the project is implemented, real estate prices in the village will rise significantly. Now you can still buy an apartment in Kvariati in the new buildings at affordable prices with good growth potential in the future. Investing in real estate in Kvariati in the new buildings can bring passive income from resale at a higher price and renting the housing. It is also advantageous to buy several apartments at the same time with the aim of their subsequent renting during the high season from May to October.

It is advisable for investors to use the services of management companies that undertake finding tenants, pay utility bills and depreciation costs. These companies take a certain percentage for the work. Although an additional item of expense arises, there is no need to waste time personally controlling the entire process and physically being in the country.

The growing demand for new buildings in Kvariati from the developers is also associated with the liberal migration legislation of the country, the well-known Georgian hospitality, safety and friendly attitude towards tourists from local residents.

Residential complexes in Kvariati offer modern apartments with convenient layouts and new communications. European standards and the latest regulations of Georgia are observed during the construction process. Developers offer various promotions in the form of discounts and payment by installments.

According to the real estate search engine GEOLN.COM, the minimum price per square meter of area in the residential complex of Kvariati is $1200 (apartments in white frame conditions).

Where is it better to buy an apartment from the developers in Kvariati?

New buildings are being built in the village in close proximity to the sea: the closer to the sea, the higher the cost.

Conditions for the acquisition of apartments by foreigners

Foreigners can purchase apartments in Kvariati from the developers without restrictions.

What else is attractive in Kvariati?

Historical sites can be visited while traveling around Adjara, since the distance is so short. The resort also has its own specialty - a modern diving center.

Purchasing apartments in the new buildings in Kvariati is a promising project for investors; silence, privacy, natural beauty and comfort are provided for guests.

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