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Real estate in new builds from developers of Kazakhstan

Senator Park
Senator Park
1151$ — 1392$ / m2
ID: 18300 | 3 floors
From 490$ / m2
ID: 12641 | 16 floors
Otau 2
From 630$ / m2
ID: 12640 | 5 floors
Shanyrak 2
Shanyrak 2
From 630$ / m2
ID: 12639 | 5 floors
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Resale property from owners in Kazakhstan

Продам 2-комнатную квартиру, 45.2 м², 2/5 этаж, бульвар Гагарина 10
Продам 2-комнатную квартиру, 45.2 м², 2/5 этаж, бульвар Гагарина 10
ID: 25464 | 45 m2 | Floor: 2/5 | Apartment
Cottage in Almaty
Cottage in Almaty
ID: 24688 | 286 m2 | Townhouse

Kazakhstan. Hot real estate deals

From 310$ / m2
ID: 3069 | 9 floors
Grand House
Grand House
From 470$ / m2
ID: 3067 | 10 floors
From 660$ / m2
ID: 3065 | 4 floors
Comfortable house in a new city
Comfortable house in a new city
From 630$ / m2
ID: 3051 | 22 floors
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Real estate in Kazakhstan

 Location, climate, and economy

Kazakhstan (officially Republic of Kazakhstan) is a country in the central part of Eurasia, located between the Caspian Sea, Siberia, China and Central Asia. The country is a member of the United Nations and the World Trade Organization. It is bordered by the Caspian and Aral seas. In Kazakhstan, the climatic conditions are sharply continental, arid and semi-arid: summers are rather warm, winters are very cold and dry.

Developed sectors of the economy include: grain cultivation, mining of iron ore, coal, uranium, machine-building, energy, metallurgical (non-ferrous), machine-building, forestry, cattle breeding, production of ferroalloys, oil products, textiles. China is the leading economic and trade partner.

 Real estate market in Kazakhstan

Market prices are gradually rising. The law “On Early Withdrawal of Pension Savings” played a significant role in this. Domestic investors, having withdrawn pension savings, invest them in real estate in Kazakhstan, thus stimulating demand. In connection with the preservation of the inertial influence of the above law, it has not significantly decreased. The sale of real estate in Kazakhstan is formed mainly in the low price segment (residential real estate in Kazakhstan is the most popular, including small apartments in residential complexes), the growth of effective demand is possible due to Russian migrants. The events of early 2022, related to the war and sanctions, brought all processes in the real estate sector into a turbulent state.

The development of construction is constrained by the rise in the cost of building materials and work due to the depreciation of the national currency and the rupture of logistics chains (a significant proportion of building materials are imported from the Russian Federation and Ukraine), and an increase in the cost of metal on world exchanges. However, it is impossible to increase profits only by raising the price; this will negatively affect the solvency of consumers. Experts believe that a fall in prices for primary housing is unlikely, and the trend of slight growth will continue in the future.

With regard to secondary real estate, due to the rise in the dollar, the owners raised prices for properties or refused to sell. No one can say with certainty what might happen next.

The price of real estate in Kazakhstan (where it is profitable to invest)

On average in the republic, the cost of real estate in Kazakhstan for new buildings (per sq.m) has grown over the past 12 months by almost 20%, reaching an amount of 420,000 tenge. Prices in Nur-Sultan (550,000 tenge) and Shymkent (470,000 tenge) are the highest, they are lower in Taraz (160,000 tenge).

Prices for secondary real estate in 12 months rose by almost 17%. The most significant growth is in Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kyzylorda, Aktau. In Almaty and Nur-Sultan, there is a slowdown in growth (0.1%). Nur-Sultan is in the lead - 640,000 tenge (per sq.m), then - Almaty (480,000 tenge). The price of real estate in Kazakhstan in other cities is below the average for the republic (464,000 tenge), and the cheapest is in Aktobe (less than 250,000 tenge). If you do not take into account the largest cities, the most expensive secondary housing is in Taldykorgan.

The spread of prices for land plots is huge, approximately it can be less than 10,000 and 40,000 tenge per square meter: it all depends on the region, location, soil, infrastructure and other features.

Given the possible price changes, it is advisable to use only up-to-date information.

Real estate website in Kazakhstan

It is advisable to rely on the information of experts when choosing a property. GEOLN.COM real estate website (with a convenient search interface) contains a full catalog of real estate in Kazakhstan.

Types of real estate in Kazakhstan for sale

Objects are classified in business turnover as follows: primary (new buildings), secondary (from the owners), including residential and non-residential (commercial).

Residential - apartments in new houses or built in the Soviet era, detached houses, cottages. Non-residential (commercial) - premises in multi-storey residential buildings, shops, shopping centers, hotels, warehouses, etc.

Buying real estate in Kazakhstan by foreigners (nuances)

In accordance with the legislation of the country, a foreigner who wants to buy real estate in Kazakhstan must obtain a residence permit, after which he has the right to acquire property, with the exception of agricultural land.

Investing in real estate in Kazakhstan is a profitable investment for the purpose of renting it out, obtaining a stable income, living in a country with a developing economy.

Real estate prices in Kazakhstan

CityPrice from
Aktau 260$ / m2
Aktobe 290$ / m2
Atyrau 490$ / m2
Besagash 670$ / m2
Karaganda 440$ / m2
Kaskelen 550$ / m2
Nur-Sultan 390$ / m2
Shymkent 710$ / m2
Uralsk 310$ / m2
Аlmaty 430$ / m2
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