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Real estate in new buildings from developers of Gudauri

Alizi Gudauri
Alizi Gudauri
From 1150$ / m2
ID: 20287 | 4 floors
From 1100$ / m2
ID: 12234 | 5 floors | Apart-hotel
Marshall Gudauri
Marshall Gudauri
/ m2
ID: 11957 | 5 floors
New Gudauri Resort Residences & SPA
New Gudauri Resort Residences & SPA
/ m2
ID: 10387 | 6 floors | Apart-hotel
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Real estate in Gudauri

Location, climate, and infrastructure

Gudauri is a small town and a winter mountain resort in Georgia, located on the southern side of the Greater Caucasus Range. This is the best place for lovers of extreme skiing in the country. There are practically unlimited opportunities for freeriding (descent along a field with deep snow cover without stones and avalanche danger). Thrill-seekers have a chance to test their abilities at the intersection of skiing and paragliding (speedriding), go through a special ski route to the top and back (skitouring), get acquainted with snowkiting (kite-powered riding), go mountain climbing, heli-skiing (skiing on fluffy snow, having previously risen to the top by helicopter).

Gudauri has a humid continental climate with warm summers and mild snowy winters. The weather is usually sunny. The ski season lasts from December to April, if the snow cover is heavy - from November to May. In winter, the temperature is from -4 to -8 degrees Celsius, in summer up to plus 20 degrees.

Hotels, cafes, restaurants, guest houses invite tourists and residents to Gudauri. The slopes are equipped with modern lifts. There is a gondola cable car and a training slope with a drag lift. The hotels provide comfortable conditions (saunas, swimming pools, bowling, tennis courts, Wi-Fi on site is free).

Real estate market in Gudauri

With the development of the tourist infrastructure, the possibilities of the resort are expanding. It is gradually turning into an all-season tourist mountain town, residing in a harmonious combination of urban comfort and picturesque nature. Gudauri attracts not only lovers of skiing and vacationers, but also investors who see great potential in this place - acquiring real estate with a high degree of profitability. Real estate in Gudauri is quite affordable by European standards. Flexible payment terms and mortgage lending options (including for foreign citizens), together with modern property management services, make it possible to receive up to 18% of passive income.

Property types for sale

Real estate in Gudauri is represented by primary and secondary housing, commercial fund, development at the design or construction stage, free land plots for development. Investing in commercial real estate is an effective solution that will allow you to earn money and create new jobs. Buying hotel apartments or a guest house is a fairly profitable investment, since the number of tourists in Gudauri is growing every year. The resale is also represented by low-rise buildings and cottages. You can buy residential real estate in Gudauri on the primary market at different stages of construction. Customer reviews confirm the compliance of the residential complexes under construction with building standards.

 Real estate prices in Gudauri

Minimum prices:

  •  apartments - from 1,100 USD per sq.m,
  •  house - from 1,500 USD per sq.m,
  •  commercial real estate — from 3,000 USD per sq.m.,
  •  land - from 200 USD per sq. m.

Real estate website in Gudauri (entire catalog)

It is advisable to use the information of experts and follow their recommendations. Investors and buyers can find a full real estate catalog on GEOLN.COM.

Real estate in Gudauri: the nuances of choosing housing

Since the statement and the transaction are drawn up in Georgian, it is important to find an interpreter. Many developers offer interest-free installments. The new buildings do not have centralized heating, they use gas water heaters, air conditioners with a heating function and other equipment that the owner of the apartment buys on his own.

Foreign citizens can purchase any residential property in Gudauri, except for agricultural land. If the price of the purchased housing is one hundred thousand dollars or more, a non-resident has the right to obtain a residence permit.

It is profitable to buy real estate in Gudauri in order to receive income from renting the housing out, reselling, from other types of business, to relax and live in a resort town where tourists who prefer winter sports and entertainment come. Ski slopes, developed infrastructure, mountain air and beautiful weather are valued here.

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