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Alizi Gudauri
Alizi Gudauri
From 1150$ / m2
ID: 20287 | 4 floors
From 1100$ / m2
ID: 12234 | 5 floors | Apart-hotel
Marshall Gudauri
Marshall Gudauri
/ m2
ID: 11957 | 5 floors
New Gudauri Resort Residences & SPA
New Gudauri Resort Residences & SPA
/ m2
ID: 10387 | 6 floors | Apart-hotel
Gudauri Hills
Gudauri Hills
From 1330$ / m2
ID: 4922 | 6 floors | Apart-hotel
Four Seasons Gudauri
Four Seasons Gudauri
1250$ — 1600$ / m2
ID: 512 | 6 floors | Apart-hotel
From 1400$ / m2
ID: 511 | 5 floors
From 2300$ / m2
ID: 509 | 5 floors

Real estate in new buildings of Gudauri

Gudauri is a popular ski resort in Georgia. Fans of mountain types of outdoor activities come to Gudauri, since there is a good natural infrastructure for free-riding. Real estate in Gudauri belongs to the category of investment real estate. Seasonal vacationing groups of tourists rent holiday apartments and property owners receive a stable income from this. The resort was built according to a new plan, taking into account all EU requirements and standards. The price for vacation in Gudauri is low, and construction companies that build new complexes are no more than 10. This affects the specifics of the region and the limited offers from developers. On the secondary market it is possible to buy an apartment in Gudauri from the owner. The selection can be carried out on the real estate search engine GEOLN.COM

Housing in Gudauri: taking into account each peculiarity

Vacation in Gudauri is a great idea, but the infrastructure is not sufficiently developed for permanent residence. New developments are attracting investors with affordable entry prices and leisure exchange programs. Owning real estate in Batumi by the sea allows you to live for several weeks at the ski resort - Gudauri for free. And vice versa. Each developer or management company that provides such services sets the period of free accommodation individually. Housing in Gudauri is represented by different types of real estate - private houses, hotels, apartments, and even low-rise new buildings. As a rule, all types of real estate are created for rent. There is no real estate tax in Gudauri, construction companies actively provide interest-free installments, and with investments of $100,000, it is possible to obtain a residence permit.

Ski resort - infrastructure for a wonderful vacation

Gudauri is primarily known as a ski resort. The Georgian authorities are actively developing this winter vacation center located just 140 km from Tbilisi. The existing infrastructure for vacation includes a tourism center, hotels, restaurants, slopes of different levels, ski lifts, a snow park. The Gudauri development plan developed by Ecosign and its phased implementation made the resort attractive for investors who, in accordance with the plan, have the opportunity to implement their own project.

Thanks to the gradual development of the resort, the implementation of infrastructure facilities, Gudauri has become more attractive for investors. A new two-kilometer road has been built to the new Gudauri, infrastructure has been developed, water, sewerage and electricity have been installed. A new 10-meter tunnel was made under the ski slope, which connects the old and new Gudauri. A new parking lot for 1000 cars was built. The longest gondola-type cable car in the entire Caucasus has been installed in the new Gudauri. Its length is 2,450 meters and it can accommodate up to 10 people. Now you can get to your destination in 7 minutes. Brand hotels, entertainment complexes and bars are being built in the new Gudauri.

New buildings in Gudauri attract with an affordable price and a unique location for a comfortable stay in combination with a single concept for the development of the resort. The catalog of offers in Gudauri is presented by options from developers and owners. Renting in a winter recreation center is characterized by seasonal stability due to the large flow of tourists who want to have an inexpensive vacation at the resort. A profitable investment in an apart-hotel in Gudauri is possible if the management of the room stock is entrusted to a company present in the given market or to a proven international brand.

Assistance in choosing an investment object is provided by real estate experts at GEOLN.COM. The cost per m2 in Gudauri starts from $1,300. Initial offers that are available for sale are supplied to the market by 10 construction companies. The resort is actively developing, the number of tourists wishing to have seasonal vacations in Gudauri is growing, and the number of rooms in apartments has not yet reached its maximum, which makes investments in this developing resort very promising.

New buildings in the districts of Gudauri

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