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Apartments for sale in Bakuriani
Apartments for sale in Bakuriani
ID: 8080 | 24 m2 | Apartment
Apartments for sale in Bakuriani
Apartments for sale in Bakuriani
ID: 8079 | 35 m2 | Apartment
Apartments for sale in Bakuriani
Apartments for sale in Bakuriani
ID: 8074 | 29 m2 | Floor: 2/3 | Apartment
Apartments for sale in Bakuriani
Apartments for sale in Bakuriani
ID: 8070 | 37 m2 | Floor: 1/3 | Apartment
Apartment with a separate bedroom in the Orbi complex
Apartment with a separate bedroom in the Orbi complex
ID: 1363 | 44 m2 | Floor: 3/6 | Apart-hotel
Apartments in Bakuriani
Apartments in Bakuriani
ID: 487 | 42 m2 | Floor: 3 | Apartment
Studio in Bakuriani
Studio in Bakuriani
ID: 443 | 37 m2 | Floor: 5/5 | Apartment
Studio in ORBI Palace II next to Didveli ski lift
Studio in ORBI Palace II next to Didveli ski lift
ID: 423 | 24 m2 | Floor: 5/6 | Apartment

Resale property in Bakuriani

Bakuriani on the map

Bakuriani is an urban-type settlement in the Borjomi municipality of Samtskhe-Javakheti region of Georgia. The population is 2,500-3,000 people. This is a compactly built, cozy village on the northern slope of the Trialeti Range.

Resale property in Bakuriani for life is:

prestigious choice

Bakuriani is a well-promoted and very popular place, in Soviet times it was a sports base for preparing for the Olympic Games. The family of the Russian tsar once had a vacation here. Some scenes from the popular in the USSR film "Seventeen Moments of Spring", where one of the main characters of the film "crosses the border of Switzerland" were filmed here.

useful and profitable investment
Bakuriani will suit lovers of an active lifestyle: ski slopes are equipped with everything necessary for skiing, in summer the nature of this mountainous region pleases the eye with bright, memorable pictures that raise the mood. Bakuriani is famous for its clean air, healing properties of coniferous forests. Mineral springs are not far away from here as well. You can go hiking and horseback riding in the summer. You can rent a jeep to drive to the mountain lake Tabatskuri.

An apartment in Bakuriani can be rented profitably in case of temporary absence. Tourists visiting the village from other regions of Georgia, Israel, Arab countries, Russia are potential tenants. Families come here just to relax on the weekend or spend the whole vacation in ecologically clean conditions.

The peak season in Bakuriani is from November to March, sometimes it lasts until April. The average winter temperature is only minus 6-7 degrees Celsius. Bakuriani is favorably distinguished by a large number of sunny days and no harsh winds. The average snow thickness is 60-65 cm.

Currently, resale market of Bakuriani is developing, prices are growing, but they can still be attributed to the middle price segment for the high-mountain resort region. Here you can find an apartment on the resale market from the owners, including in a new building that meets modern requirements.

It is profitable to resell property. By doing so, you make a nice profit, since in the long term the apartments will have a significantly higher value.

In addition to the above advantages of resale properties for living in Bakuriani:

  • the ability to find an apartment with a magnificent mountain view;
  • lack of the language barrier;
  • no real estate tax;
  • passport is the only document that is needed to complete the purchase of real estate;
  • the opportunity to stay on the territory of Georgia for 360 days a year without visa;
  • positive attitude of the local population and safety.

Peculiarities of purchasing resale property in Bakuriani and prices for apartments

When buying a secondary home using the cadastral code number, you should check the data on the property in the public state register, inviting the seller to submit an official update of the record. This will guarantee accurate information about the property and its owners at the time of sale.

There is no central heating in the houses. Heating is relevant for Bakuriani since in the winter season the temperature is below zero. The presence and efficiency of heating devices should be checked: gas water heaters, radiators and etc.

If resale property is not purchased in a new building, it is also important to investigate its condition. Otherwise, repairs may be required and additional payments will arise.

Apartments with the area of 30-32 sq. m are offered at a price of about $37,000, 28 sq.m - $26,000, which is generally inexpensive for a resort of this level. Although much depends on the location, condition and area. Given the small volume of the properties for resale, offers from the owners in Bakuriani are significantly limited.

Acquisition of real estate in Bakuriani by foreigners

When buying real estate in Georgia, in Bakuriani, foreigners have exactly the same rights as local residents.

Buying an apartment in Bakuriani is a good choice for people independent of distance and proximity to the place of work. Living in the mountains in the comfortable conditions of a mild winter among the prestigious resort infrastructure, especially if you are fond of mountain skiing - is just a dream, and in the case of Bakuriani, a dream that can be true.
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