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Prices, from: 990$/m2

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ORBI Group is the largest construction and development holding in Georgia, which was the first in the region to build multi-storey hotel complexes. Over 20 years, more than 2 million square meters have been built, and the number of employees has grown to 6,000 people. ORBI Group is a laureate of many international and regional prizes.


Коломиец Елена

Original language: Russian

I strongly do not recommend purchasing in orbi groups. My review is based on personal negative experience. When I saw an advertisement for a new project, I immediately realized that this is another trap for an investor. Orbi luxury palace, you say, what about the orbi twin tower, just renamed the project and added a new tower? And what about the infrastructure - there is none. And what about the fate of investors who were waiting for one project, but in fact received another with a huge delay. Even now I look at the photo of the new project and I understand that this is a copy of the previous one. The same photo of the first floor of the commercial infrastructure. Think twice before buying from a giant who didn't care about fulfilling obligations and tell me more that I'm wrong - or maybe after 6 years there was an infrastructure in at least one complex, eh? Orby city? Orby Sea Towers? there is no infrastructure anywhere. They promise one thing, but do what is cheaper and economically viable. No buying in orbi anymore period.


Original language: Russian

Orb groups is a scam. Don't buy from them. The facilities are not being completed. In the office you will be told fairy tales about parking lots, swimming pools, infrastructure, etc. Just look at the "see tavers" object and everything will become clear. Looks like beautiful bows and when you come closer you can see that on the lower floors there are bare concrete beams, fittings and construction waste. And this is 6 years after the end of construction. Forget the pool. Not a single orb object has a pool, although in the pictures in the advertisements they all promise pools, shops, etc. If you want to buy a good inexpensive real estate, I advise you to bypass Orbi Group and explore the market in Batumi. There are a lot of good offers from developers who value their reputation, in contrast to orbi groups, which have made themselves a false reputation only through aggressive advertising. There are good Russian-speaking realtors who will help you in choosing good real estate. High rates at about $ 2 per square. There will be no compensation for the delay.

Остап Яворський

Original language: Russian

To say everything was worthy - not to say anything) Batumi - overwhelming place, Georgia - name of the land! The atmosphere is perceptible, - wonderful people, kind, vichlivi and vidzivchiv. The first brains! Enjoy all the beauty of the city, the city of Barcelona, ​​only safe, comfortable and clean. The hour was spent even harder, I will not be bothered, the program is in free access, I will say only, that everything is more and more possible! Izza is super savory, rots on the skin. Everything was honored! I would like to ask for confirmation in private roses) Well, the very reason for the trip, and the very investment in unruly is for me the real pride! I definitely recommend and love Orbi !!!)


Original language: Russian

For everyone who has asked about the construction of the TwinTower. I drove past the facility in rainy weather and I can assure you that construction continues, work is underway, cranes are standing still. In the video, you can see how concrete slabs are lowered, regardless of the weather conditions.

Andrey Nazarchuk

Original language: Russian

I usually don't write comments, but here my hand was combing straight. I bought real estate at a distance, so to speak, I have not been to Georgia yet. I look at the cameras. I read somewhere here that they are delaying. guys, are you? did you build yourself? in 9 months they have been bugging 50 floors. we should build like that. well, of course, who does not? in any case, the complex is clearly impressive, well done Georgians.

Марк Лозовой

Original language: Russian

ORBI Group offers better prices for apartments than competitors. Bonus - finishing. Although I do not know what quality it will be ... From some side it may be better to do it yourself, to your taste. but here all the same for change and the appearance will not be so critical, the main thing is that it is clean and tidy. Yes, I was on a trip for real estate - I really advise everyone who is going to buy to go - kill two birds with one stone: see all the construction projects live, see Georgia, have fun and relax)

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