Objects for sale: 6
Prices, from: 400$/m2

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Mardi House is a subsidiary of Mardi Holding LLC, which has been working in various areas (tobacco production, international air transportation, food production, and more) with great success for 24 years. Mardi Holding is known not only in Georgia: the company also has business partners in Belgium, Belarus, Russia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Turkey, and the Netherlands.

In the construction and development market, the company occupies a separate niche, enjoying the respect of both customers and competitors. Its main focus is the construction of residential complexes and hotel-type houses.

The construction company "Mardi House" has such success in the market due to effective management, strict financial discipline and, of course, due to the correct analysis of consumer interests. Such a serious and responsible approach to business made it possible for Mardi house to prove itself as well as possible: the construction of multi-storey residential complexes that meet all quality standards and perfectly fit into the architecture of Batumi and Tbilisi became available.

 This company has introduced projects for the construction of hotel-type houses to the Georgian real estate market. At the moment, the company has already implemented more than 5 such buildings, while continuing to work on 9 new projects.

Today, the company has a sufficient number of successful business projects in construction, despite the fact that it exists only 5 years. And thanks to universal recognition, the company has taken the liberty of building a small hydroelectric power plant in the future. The success of "Mardi house" is not only in perfectly thought-out projects, but also in social responsibility and consumer orientation.

In the future, "Mardi House" will develop more and more, and create new projects in the world of construction. Success in the market and fresh innovative ideas give more incentive to maintain the title of one of the best companies in the construction market.


דיראר סולימאן

Original language: Hebrew

hey there. Im wandering way dont you respond to any contact. your not Robot right? im trying to get information about your project but you never answer? !!


Original language: Russian

Mardi Holding is a very unreliable developer! They have objects in Batumi that were not completed on time and will be commissioned from 3 !!!!!!!!!! summer delay !!!!!! Specifically in this house, many complain about the quality of work performed. The tenants are not happy with the soundproofing and waterproofing. This developer does not deserve attention !!!!!


Original language: Russian

Mardi Holding is a very unreliable developer! They have objects in Batumi that were not completed on time and will be commissioned from 3 !!!!!!!!!! summer late !!!!!!! I DO NOT ADVISE ANYONE TO CONTACT MARDI HOLDING !!!!!!!!!!


Original language: Russian

A very big disappointment in this project and in the company as a whole. Upon arrival in Batumi, I heard a lot of hard-hitting reviews about the quality of construction, I was not too lazy to go to the place and look. It is unclear how this colossus was pushed into such a small space, literally stuck to other houses, there is no courtyard, mostly apartments look at each other, the sun is a rare guest here, far from the center and the sea. It may be suitable as a budget option, but definitely not for visitors.


Original language: Russian

Great place, I bought a small 2-room apartment here (I always wanted one for myself). Well-developed infrastructure, which is very important for me, is also an excellent price. As for the timing of construction, there is certainly a lot of negative to express. Of course there were nerves for a couple of months. But after talking with friends I realized that ours did it with a bang. It turns out that it is normal for Batumi to be at least a year late. Well done (black humor). Well, it all started during the re-registration of the property itself. Here I had to get nervous in earnest. It turns out that while the house is not fully commissioned, nothing is drawn up to anyone. They just didn't explain it to me, and I had to wait again for the end of all this red tape.


Original language: Russian

There is active stirring at the construction site, a lot of people are doing something. Since this is Mardi, it will most likely be built and relatively on time. The houses are pretty. On the site. Apartments, apartments, commercial areas - there will be an anthill there, do not expect peace. And how (and when) the issue of landscaping around (promised) will be resolved - there is nothing good there yet. Construction sites are going around, noise from the road. I don't think this is the best real estate investment.

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