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Real estate in new builds from developers of Romania

Q Villa
Q Villa
From 500000$ / m2
ID: 25601 | 2 floors | Villa
From 1600$ / m2
ID: 20548 | 5 floors
Catanelor Residence
Catanelor Residence
From 2100$ / m2
ID: 20547 | 5 floors
Complex Rio
Complex Rio
From 1120$ / m2
ID: 3370 | 4 floors
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Resale property from owners in Romania

 Exclusive House Opportunity for Sale
Exclusive House Opportunity for Sale
ID: 26357 | 417 m2 | Villa
2 bedroom apartment flat, A+ energy efficiency, Mogosoaia , Ilfov county, Romania
2 bedroom apartment flat, A+ energy efficiency, Mogosoaia , Ilfov county, Romania
ID: 24885 | 51 m2 | Apartment
House for sale near the center of Suceava,Romania
House for sale near the center of Suceava,Romania
ID: 24586 | 200 m2 | Cottage
Constanta, Romania
Constanta, Romania
ID: 23863 | 140 m2 | Floor: 4/10 | Apartment
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Romania. Hot real estate deals

Ravel Residence
Ravel Residence
From 1470$ / m2
ID: 3366 | 7 floors
Complex Isho
Complex Isho
From 1890$ / m2
ID: 3363
Luxury Residence Park
Luxury Residence Park
From 970$ / m2
ID: 3352 | 8 floors
Waldturm II
Waldturm II
From 1180$ / m2
ID: 3349 | 5 floors
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Real estate in Romania

Location, climate, and economy

Romania is a country located in the southeastern part of Europe, on the Balkan Peninsula, from the southeast it is washed by the waters of the Black Sea. The country is a member of the UN, Council of Europe, NATO, and WTO. The climate is temperate continental, with pronounced seasons.

According to the World Bank, Romania is a high-income country. It has the following developed industries: oil and gas production, electronic and electrical equipment, cars, clothing, software, and pharmaceuticals. Leading branches of agriculture are: crop production, animal husbandry, and viticulture. Romania is an attractive tourist destination: historical, cultural, architectural sights, beaches of the Black Sea coast, and ski resorts. The country has thirteen international airports, a large seaport of Constanta, and a network of railways and roads.

Real estate market in Romania

The market has been growing over the past five years. Experts note that the price of real estate in Romania increased by 15% in 2021 due to high demand, limited supply and rising prices for building materials, in 2022 the influx of migrants increased significantly, which further stimulates demand. Analysts suggest that by the end of the year, apartments and houses in Romania will rise in price by another 15% on average. This growth is likely to continue in the future. But even with such a sharp dynamics, real estate in the country still remains one of the most inexpensive in comparison with most European countries. The relatively low cost of investment and the sharp rise in prices make it attractive to invest in this segment in the country in the medium term.

Foreigners prefer to buy residential real estate in Romania either in the capital or on the Black Sea coast. It should also be noted that there is a trend for the purchase of real estate in the mountains. Feedback from buyers of apartments in the residential complex confirms that the facilities being built comply with building standards.

The cost of real estate in Romania in Bucharest (per sq.m):

  • new building - 1300-1400 euros,
  • secondary - 1,200 euros,
  • commercial premises: retail - from 200 euros, offices - from 1400 euros.

The most expensive residential real estate in Romania on the Black Sea coast is in Mamaia and Mangalia - 1350-1550 euros per sq.m; in resorts of Euphoria, Olympus, Constanta the real estate can be purchased cheaper.

In Poiana Brasov (ski resort) the price is from 1100 to 1300 euros/sq.m, in the resorts: in Predeal, Sinai - from 800 to 1200 euros/sq.m.

Given the significant dynamics of price changes, it is necessary to use only information that is relevant at the time of the request.

Property types for sale

The following types are on the market:

  • residential (primary and secondary): apartments, houses, cottages, villas, etc.,
  • commercial fund (hotels, shops, warehouse and industrial premises, offices, etc.).

Real estate website in Romania

The sale of real estate in Romania is regulated in detail by legislation, transactions are transparent and safe, however, in order to minimize risks when concluding transactions, it is advisable to use the information of experts and follow their recommendations. The real estate website GEOLN.COM contains a full catalog of real estate in Romania.

Buying property in Romania by foreigners (nuances)

Foreign citizens have the right to buy an apartment in Romania freely. After the conclusion of the transaction for the sale of a house (cottage, villa), the property is registered for only the building, the land is leased for a long-term lease. Land can be purchased by legal entities registered in the country. Buying real estate does not entitle you to a residence permit.

Buying real estate in Romania is promising in order to obtain a permanent rental income, the possibility of living in a warm climate in a country with a developed infrastructure and a growing economy.

Real estate prices in Romania

CityPrice from
Arad 670$ / m2
Brasov 755$ / m2
Bucharest 580$ / m2
Cluj-Napoca 1,110$ / m2
Constanta 725$ / m2
Craiova 630$ / m2
Iasi 760$ / m2
Pitesti 790$ / m2
Sibiu 750$ / m2
Timisoara 1,100$ / m2
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