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Granary Island
Granary Island
/ m2 Sold
ID: 16222 | 8 floors
Osiedle Lagom
Osiedle Lagom
From 2300$ / m2
ID: 9110 | 2 floors | Cottage
Osiedle Wiecej
Osiedle Wiecej
From 2300$ / m2
ID: 9107 | 4 floors
From 2300$ / m2
ID: 9097 | 3 floors
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Nadmorski Park
Nadmorski Park
From 3820$ / m2
ID: 8259 | 3 floors
Dawna Poczta
Dawna Poczta
/ m2 Sold
ID: 2084 | 4 floors
Grano Residence
Grano Residence
From 4270$ / m2
ID: 2045 | 6 floors

Real Estate in Gdansk

Location, climate, infrastructure and economy

Gdansk is the largest metropolis of the Pomeranian Voivodeship in Poland, located on the southern edge of the Gdansk Bay of the Baltic Sea. With the cities of Gdynia, Sopot and suburban settlements, it forms an agglomeration of Tricity.

The climate in Gdańsk is oceanic with continental influence (seasons are clearly differentiated, warm, sometimes hot, summers with frequent showers and moderately cold, cloudy winters).

Gdansk is the main seaport of the country (capable of receiving large cargo ships) and an important transport hub: it is served by a national highway network, intercity and regional railways, a ferry (to the Scandinavian and Baltic countries), and an international airport. Gdansk is an important industrial center of the country; there are enterprises of the petrochemical, chemical and food industries, as well as shipbuilding. The share of high-tech sectors, such as electronics, telecommunications, IT engineering, pharmaceuticals, is growing. Amber processing is an important part of the local economy, since the deposits are located along the Baltic Sea.

The city has fifteen educational institutions (including three universities), which actively cooperate with the business sector, preparing highly qualified specialists in the right areas. Gdansk is an attractive tourist destination with numerous historical and architectural monuments, museums, theaters, and well-equipped beaches.

Real estate market in Gdansk

The operating production base, employment opportunities, universities that train specialists in various fields, and the development of tourism make the city attractive for life and investment. Demand for real estate in Gdansk is growing with an increase in the number of investors from Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine, as well as labor migration of the population from other regions of Poland.

Experts note that the value of real estate in Gdansk has increased by 10% this year. There are several factors that contributed to the rise in prices:

  • low interest rates on loans, their availability,
  • a significant increase in inflation,
  • rising cost of building materials
  • increase in the price of building land.

People want to buy real estate in Gdansk both for moving to a permanent place of residence and for receiving passive income, and it is better to do it now, while prices are affordable. More profitable for rent: commercial retail premises, apartments and houses by the sea, studios in the center.

You can buy residential real estate in Gdansk both on the secondary and on the primary market. New buildings are being built actively, there is no shortage of offers, customer reviews confirm the quality of the residential complexes and compliance with building standards. There are economy-class one-room apartments (preferably rented by students and foreign labor migrants) and spacious apartments. The city lists renovated apartments located by the sea, in the center and areas with good transport interchange, schools, shops, and medical facilities.

Elite villas and apartments are sold in Jelitkowo, Wyspa Sobieszewska is considered an expensive area. In the Old Town you can find an apartment in a restored old building, and in Oliwa - a prestigious private house with a garage, in Zaspa - a two-room apartment in a modern apartment building. Residential real estate in Gdansk in the Przymorze district is popular, its advantages are: proximity to the sea and a park, as well as developed infrastructure (transport, shopping and entertainment centers). There’s cheaper housing in a remote residential area of Chelm.

Real estate prices in Gdansk are second only to those in the capital:

  • 2 rooms apartment, 41 sq.m. (secondary market) - 47,000 euros,
  • house (4 rooms, 190 sq.m., garage) - 135,000 euros,
  • villa (5 rooms, 400 sq.m.) – 450,000 euros
  • land plot - from 50 euros/sq.m,
  • commercial premises: retail space 60 sq.m. - 200,000 euros, office 64 sq.m - 65,000 euros.

Property types for sale

  • primary and secondary housing stock, including apartments in low-rise buildings in the historical center, apartments, houses, villas;
  • commercial premises (industrial, warehouse, retail, office);
  • land plots.

In order to buy a house, land or commercial property, a foreigner must obtain permission from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Poland. The GEOLN.COM real estate website with a user-friendly interface allows you to quickly find real estate from the developers in the new buildings or from the owners in the secondary market without an intermediary and get advice on your choice. The sale of real estate in Gdansk is regulated in detail by law, transactions are transparent and safe, but in order to minimize risks, it is advisable to use the information of experts and follow their recommendations.

Buying a property in Gdansk is a profitable investment in a European seaside city of students, tourist attraction, and developed economy.

Real estate prices in Gdansk

DistrictPrice from
Siedlce 2,300$ / m2
Ujescisko - Lostowice 2,300$ / m2
Upper Scream 2,390$ / m2
Year 2,980$ / m2
Zaspa-Mlyniec 2,300$ / m2
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