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Village Novo Porto
Village Novo Porto
Porto, Portugal
From 1850$ / m2
ID: 12223 | 2 floors
Molares 20
Molares 20
Porto, Portugal
From 2382$ / m2
ID: 12219 | 10 floors
Alvares Cabral 10
Alvares Cabral 10
Porto, Portugal
From 5450$ / m2
ID: 12218 | 3 floors
The Duke’s Square
The Duke’s Square
Porto, Portugal
From 3827$ / m2
ID: 12217 | 3 floors
Cedofeita 630
Cedofeita 630
Porto, Portugal
From 4372$ / m2
ID: 12216 | 2 floors
Porto Renovato - Av. Fernao de Magalhaes 210
Porto Renovato - Av. Fernao de Magalhaes 210
Porto, Portugal
From 4787$ / m2
ID: 12212 | 5 floors
Living Aliados
Living Aliados
Porto, Portugal
From 9361$ / m2
ID: 12127 | 4 floors

New builds in Porto

City on the map

Porto is the second largest city in Portugal, located 320 km north of Lisbon. The historic center of Porto was declared a World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. It is located on the right bank of the Douro River, a few kilometers from its confluence with the Atlantic Ocean.

Why is it profitable to buy apartments in the new builds of Porto?

The city is interesting for its old part. It has baroque churches and it is colorful and romantic. Narrow, winding streets with dense residential buildings form a terraced structure; thanks to the lively trade in shops, the hilly old town seems very busy during the day.

The cityscape with its viaducts, bridges, commercial offices, banks and jewelry stores creates a feeling of almost metropolitan respectability, its own special style.

Porto is the most important industrial and commercial city in Portugal. The textile, leather, metallurgical, food, and chemical industries are well developed. The main offices of the largest Portuguese companies are located here, as well as one of the two oil refineries of Portugal's largest exporter.

Transport infrastructure is at a good level. The city has a seaport and an international airport. Infrastructure and the location of the city allow you to get to the main European capitals in a few hours. Public transport consists of a metro (high-speed tram-metro system), trams, funiculars, electric trains etc. There are single passes for metro, buses, electric trains, separate tickets for funiculars and trams. Regular taxis and shuttle buses operate in the city. There is a railway station in the city center.

The university, the academy of arts, museums, theaters testify that Porto is an important cultural and educational center.

The city itself does not have its own beaches, so it takes some time to get there. The water on the northern beaches of the Atlantic coast is colder than in the Lisbon region, but you can get a significant bonus - it is not crowded there.

The air temperature in Porto is usually several degrees lower than in Lisbon. The climate is temperate, maritime, rarely very hot due to the proximity of the Atlantic, which cools the city with air masses from the ocean. But even in winter, the thermometer does not often show subzero temperatures. The tourist season is from April to August. The weather is mild, but rainy from December to February.

Real estate in Porto and the surrounding area has grown in value significantly in recent years (2-3 times). One of the main reasons is the growing interest of investors associated with an increase in the tourist attractiveness of the city. In addition, real estate prices in Porto are fueled by the presence of a large number of offices in the city: there are visiting specialists who need rental housing. The demand for residential complexes in Porto is growing. The sale of apartments from developers is aimed at investors in Europe and the world. Investing in real estate in the new builds for sale is profitable (given the popularity of renting and the high cost of housing). The well-founded expectation of a significant return on investment in new homes from the developers stimulates new demand. Customer reviews confirm the good quality of the facilities being built.

You can buy an apartment from a developer in Porto at a reasonable price ( considering EU standards). The minimum price per square meter of space in black frame (according to information from the GEOLN.COM real estate search engine) is $1,492.

Purchase of apartments in Porto from the developers by foreigners

Foreigners have the right to buy apartments without any restrictions.

Highlights of the city

  • Ribeira quarter;
  • the Don Luis bridge;
  • Dragau football stadium;
  • the bell tower of the Clerigos church;
  • Arrábida Bridge;
  • churches of Karmo and Carmelites;
  • the historic Livraria Lello bookstore;
  • city hall;
  • winery Vinikola Ramos Pinto;
  • City Park;
  • Cathedral;
  • the church of St. Francis;
  • House of Music;
  • the park around the Crystal Palace;

observation deck and more ...

Areas where it is better to live and buy real estate

Each district has zones of different quality of life. The central districts of Sedofeita, Santo Ildefonso, Se, Miragia, San Nicolau and Vitoria, Bonfim are the oldest districts. Narrow streets, often with one-way traffic, lack of parking spaces, non-tourist shops and restaurants, crowds of tourists looking through windows, proximity to city festivities. However, in these areas you can enjoy the unique atmosphere of Porto every day.

Paranhos is not a tourist area, there are new homes for sale next to the São João hospital. There are many higher education institutions, so the demand for real estate persists at all times.

Campania resembles an industrial village - old and somewhat dirty. Although those who are used to living here may not agree with this.

The best areas to live in Porto are Ramalda, Lordelo do Ouro e Massarelos, Aldoar, Foz do Douro e Nevogilde. New modern buildings are located here. There is access to the ocean and a huge city park.

Purchasing apartments in the new developments in Porto is a status and profitable investment with a guaranteed high rental and resale income in a city with a tourist image and special character, thanks to which people willingly come here and buy housing.

Information prepared by real estate expert in Porto - Diana Kabakci
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