How to get cash back when buying real estate?

Published at 05/05/2020

The GEOLINE holding continues to implement advanced IT solutions for businesses and investors around the world.
The next step on this path was the introduction of a cash back service when buying real estate. Cash back from GEOLN.COM is a unique profitable offer that makes it possible for the buyer to get back some of the money spent on purchasing of an apartment anywhere in the world. Hundreds of GEOLN.COM users  have already realized that this compensation really works.

How to get cash back when buying real estate? — Advices from experts and reviews of real estate on GEOLN.COM. Photo 1

Get even more benefits!

Use GEOLN.COM, which is a free international real estate search engine from developers and owners, to find the ideal real estate option independently and without intermediaries according to the specified individual parameters. On the page of each property, in the catalog, you will see information about the possibility of cash back and a specific amount of compensation.
Create a user account on and use a comfortable search with a lot of additional features. Convenient functionality allows you to compare several properties, make lists and send them to each other for discussion.

How to find properties with cash back?

Choose "Cash back available" in the "Price" parameters on the search page of the website GEOLN.COM. After clicking the "Find" button, a list of real estate objects with cash back opportunity is created. This way, you do not need to search for suitable offers manually. The system will do this automatically.

How to get cash back when buying real estate? — Advices from experts and reviews of real estate on GEOLN.COM. Photo 2

How does cash back in real estate work?

On the page of the property you selected, in the feature table, you need to find information about getting a personal certificate indicating the refund amount and click "Get". Then, following the instructions of the service, you must enter your data and apply for a personal certificate and confirm your intention.
A copy of the certificate will appear in your user account on GEOLN.COM , as well as in your email inbox. After activating this option online, you will be able to receive the specified money on your bank account or in cash. The cash back service in real estate is available all over the world.
You can find out more about how cashback works on the platform.

Guaranteed cash back provided by GEOLN.COM

The developer is obliged to activate your cash back certificate online after you have sent it for confirmation. If the developer refuses to activate the certificate, contact GEOLN.COM . We guarantee that you will get cash back (a refund for the purchase) in the amount specified on the project page. To contact the GEOLN.COM service center and get help online, open the Live Chat window and start writing.

Benefits of cash back:

  • The specified amount is refunded regardless of the developer's other offers – discounts, promotions, etc.
  • The buyer gets cash back under any conditions of a real estate purchase - mortgage loan, installment plan or payment in full.
  • You can use the cash back certificate at any time - immediately after purchase or later.
  • The certificate can cover the payment of a monthly installment payment from the developer.

Additional savings when buying a property from GEOLN.COM

In addition to cash back, GEOLINE HOLDINGS provides its clients with a number of other unique opportunities to optimize their own expenses for the purchase of housing.
First of all, this is the most complete catalog of verified real estate objects directly from developers and owners. You will be able to choose your ideal apartment by yourself, saving hundreds and thousands of dollars to pay for the services of a realtor, agent or other intermediary.

We have described in detail all the ways to save money when buying real estate in the article " Life Hacks when buying real estate. How not to overpay and buy more expensive?"

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