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Максим Денисов

Original language: Russian

As for me, I was completely unhappy with this new building. For so many years, they have not established normal control in any way, elevators are constantly failing, there is a sorely lack of parking spaces, audibility from neighbors is simply off scale. And I had to suffer pretty much with the repair, in terms of leveling the walls and insulating the walls.


Original language: Russian

How tired of constantly fighting with the Yalchin management company. After living for a year, there was a serious desire to get rid of this apartment, in which initially everything was not done as stated. Starting with leaking windows and ending with bursting walls, and today there are also constant problems with managers. Entrances are not cleaned on time, some of the elevators are always off, the water supply does not depend on whether you paid on time or not. Any of the neighbors making repairs can safely turn it off for you, and not even inform about it. Parking is a lifelong problem, if you find a place to stick to, then you no longer want to take the car out for at least a couple of days. In the neighborhood, apartments are being rented all the time and screams and screams are heard, which also does not contribute to a quiet life. As a result, the apartment was put up for sale.

Project info

Object ID: 39
Finished at December 2016
Price, m2 650$ — 1200$
Housing class No
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Installment plan
Bank mortgage
Property type Apart-hotel
Floors 36
Apartments 700
Distance to sea 400 m.
Condition Fresh renovation
Construction type Monolyth
Elevators 8
Security Intercom
Conveniences Parking
Underground parking
Commercial area
Kids playground
Near school
Near kindergarten
Near supermarket
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About the project

“Yalcın star resıdence” in the recreational area of the renovated Batumi, is completing the construction of a 36-storey residential complex. The project is implemented on the principle of "full". The complex includes 700 residential apartments of different sizes with European standards, located on three floors of office and commercial space mixed-use project takes place, the representation of the company “ Yalcin group” in Georgia with many years of experience and expertise in the field of housebuilding. The architectural parameters that were created by combining modern concepts with Georgian construction traditions, the “Yalchın star resıdence” complex gives an opportunity to better represent the landscape and dynamics of the new Batumi.


“Yalçın grup” contınues ıts work ın the constructıon sector sınce the year of 1983 whıch ıs maın actıvıty fıeld. In addıtıon ıncrease steadı…
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+995 (558) 7000 88

Toll-free number (USA):
+1 855 588 8066

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16 Pirosmani St., Khimshiashvili District


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