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Kolosc Residence
Kolosc Residence
From 470$ / m2
ID: 5640 | 15 floors
Ruebush Gardens Hotel
Ruebush Gardens Hotel
2950$ — 3350$ / m2
ID: 961 | 8 floors | Hotel | 200m from sea
Sea Level
Sea Level
550$ — 700$ / m2
ID: 395 | 12 floors | 30m from sea
A. Sector
A. Sector
380$ — 500$ / m2
ID: 387 | 12 floors | 70m from sea
Green Line
Green Line
From 750$ / m2
ID: 51 | 14 floors | Apart-hotel | 320m from sea

New buildings in Makhinjauri district (Batumi)

Makhinjauri is a former settlement that received the status of a Batumi district. There is a railway station, a balneological resort and a nice beach next to the Botanical Garden. The area stretches along the Black Sea coast in a narrow strip, the climate is humid subtropical, as the resort is known for its healing air, the ability to undergo procedures to improve the functioning of the nervous system, respiratory system, cardiovascular system and prevent hypertension.

You can get there by car along the highway north of Batumi. There is also fixed-route public transport along the entire coast; taxis are also at your service - the distance is very short (travel time is not more than 20 minutes).

The Makhinjauri beach is quite spacious compared to other resort villages in Georgia. The sea is quite calm in the most tourist season, the entrance to the water is relatively gentle and local workers monitor the cleanliness of the beach. Water activities are offered: aquabike, catamaran, parasailing, boating.

Thanks to the location of the beach, you can see the beginning of the Batumi embankment from an interesting angle, as well as the futuristic architecture of high-rise buildings, especially when the lights are on at night.

Why is it profitable to buy an apartment from a developer in Makhinjauri?

  • Makhinjauri as an area for living and recreation, as well as investing in housing under construction. It has the following advantages:
  • It is located near Batumi - only 6 km from the city center;
  • new housing of different classes is being built: from economy to elite (club);
  • developed infrastructure: there are mini-markets, shops, cafes, pharmacies, a fish market;
  • there are not many people on the beach even in high season;
  • goods, including real estate, are cheaper than in Batumi;
  • sights - Petra Fortress (6th century), Botanical Garden, Mount Mtirala.

How to find a residential complex for purchase in the Makhinjauri district?

The choice of an object for investment is carried out in 4 clicks: country - Georgia, city - Batumi, district - Makhinjauri, "SEARCH", and the list of new buildings is ready (actual offers, reliable developers).

  • Each project page contains:
  • specifications,
  • prices,
  • location,
  • infrastructure.

Additionally, you can request floor plans of the apartments.

According to the GEOLN.COM real estate search engine, there are 9 residential complexes under construction in Makhinjauri.

It is possible to buy an apartment from a developer in the new buildings of Makhinjauri in black, white frame, in a turnkey condition (renovation, furnishings, household appliances are included).

The minimum price for one square meter of space in black frame is 380 USD.

Prices for apartments in new buildings in the Makhinjauri district (current as of August 2022)

Object Price
Ruebush Gardens Hotel 102365$
A. Sector 11780$
Green Line 25125$
Kolosc Residence 14100$
Sea Level 24200$
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