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In the summer my family and I rested in Batumi. I liked the nature, people, cuisine. We were delighted with such beauty. We are considering taking a small apartment for a holiday in the future. Of the many projects, they chose a new building near the city, but right at the seaside. It is very important for us, who have never seen the sea before, to buy an apartment with a sea view and directly by the sea. And the air here is much cleaner than in the city, there are many springs with pure mountain healing water and mud baths, it is not for nothing that all former party leaders rested in this part of Adjara.

Project info

Object ID: 387
Finished at December 2020
Price, m2 380$ — 500$
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Installment plan 30% initial payment, interest-free internal installment
Bank mortgage
Property type Aparment building
Square from 31.00 m2
Floors 12
Apartments 85
Distance to sea 70 m.
Building phase Foundation
Condition Black walls
Ceiling height 2.80 m.
Construction type Monolyth
Elevators 2
Security CCTV
Conveniences Parking
Underground parking
Commercial area
Kids playground
Near supermarket
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About the project

The construction company "A. Sector" offers a new residential building in the resort area Makhinjauri. A 12-storey building of the new style will be located 70 meters from the waterfront area, with panoramic views of the sea and mountains. The project provides  one, two and three-room apartments, starting from 31 square meters, the cost per square meter starts from 1000 lari. A. Sector offers favorable construction conditions, fast rates and high service. The completion date is September 2020. Landscaped yard, car parking, children's playground, commercial facilities. All this in one of the most beautiful places in Adjara Makhinjauri, 2B Molodezhnaya Street. This residential complex "A. sector" is a unique offer for the sale of apartments


A construction company “A. sector” offers 12-storey hotel type residential house in Makhinjauri. Excellent location just 70 meters away from…
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+995 (558) 7000 88

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+1 855 588 8066

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№2B, Akhlgazrdoba ST, Makhinjauri, Makhinjauri


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