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Mardi House on Bagrationi
Mardi House on Bagrationi
From 1150$ / m2
ID: 10390 | 24 floors | 500m from sea
Comfort Palace in Batumi
Comfort Palace in Batumi
From 450$ / m2
ID: 786 | 21 floors
Sunway Suites
Sunway Suites
From 850$ / m2
ID: 775 | 15 floors
 Galileo Batumi
Galileo Batumi
630$ — 753$ / m2
ID: 723 | 20 floors
400$ — 450$ / m2
ID: 484 | 20 floors | 1000m from sea
House Near Rugby Stadium
House Near Rugby Stadium
From 290$ / m2
ID: 302 | 15 floors

New buildings in Agmashenebeli district (Batumi)

The borders of the Agmashenebeli district are the sequential intersection of streets in the indicated order: Tbel-Abuseridze, Aslan Abashidze, Varshanidze, Khakhuli and Fridon Khalvashi.

This area of the city is located somewhat away from the promoted tourist zone, but it is quite comfortable for life. There is mainly modern real estate here. The distance to the coast is just over two kilometers.

Why it makes sense to buy apartments in the Agmashenebeli district

The infrastructure meets all the basic needs: there is a kindergarten, a school, the Children's Republican Hospital, for shopping you can go to the Hopa market or to the Carrefour shopping center. There are also bank branches, pharmacies, beauty salons, gas stations etc.

City buses No. 1, 4, 7, 15 (interval - 10-15 minutes) and fixed-route taxis run constantly. The distance to the Batumi seaport is 3.7 kilometers, the railway station is 6.2 kilometers away, the airport is 1.7 kilometers away.

The location of the district allows you to quickly get to Old Batumi or towards the New Boulevard. It is convenient for living, given that real estate prices here are significantly lower than in Old Batumi.

A special feature is the rugby stadium, where tournaments are held with the participation of the semi-professional club "Batumi", the regular championship of Georgia.

How to find a residential complex in the Agmashenebeli district of Batumi for purchase?

GEOLN.COM (worldwide real estate search engine) allows you to choose a project for your investment portfolio by setting filters: country - Georgia, city - Batumi, region - Agmashenebeli. The list of options (valid offers, verified developers) will be generated after clicking the "search" button. Each new building project has its own page containing information on technical characteristics, price, location, nearby infrastructure. Floor and apartment layouts are available on request via the chatbot.

According to the GEOLN.COM, there are six residential complexes under construction in the Agmashenebeli district of Batumi. The price for 1 square meter of space in black frame condition (economy class housing) is $ 290.

You can buy an apartment from a developer in the Agmashenebeli district of Batumi on a turnkey basis (repair, furnishings, household appliances are included).

Prices for apartments in new buildings in the Aghmashenebeli district (current as of August 2022)

Object Price
House Near Rugby Stadium 15660$
Kalatozi 11600$
Galileo Batumi 14112$
Sunway Suites 22950$
Comfort Palace in Batumi 14850$
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