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Eco City
Eco City
530$ — 600$ / m2
ID: 10385 | 14 floors
Orbi Luxe Palace
Orbi Luxe Palace
From 990$ / m2
ID: 619 | 32 floors | 1200m from sea
From 380$ / m2
ID: 32 | 11 floors | 850m from sea
In Kheivani, building A
In Kheivani, building A
450$ — 600$ / m2
ID: 16 | 19 floors | 1200m from sea

New buildings in Javakhishvili district (Batumi)

The Javakhishvili district is located somewhat away from the tourist zone (it has a triangle shape with the corners adjacent to Bagrationi, Varshanidze and General Aslan Abashidze streets). The part located closer to the Alley of Heroes has the shortest direct access to the sea, it is located next to the UEFA football stadium, a park, a boulevard, a promenade with attractions, shops with a wide range of goods (Carrefour and Agrohub). New buildings are mainly located in this area and the cost for real estate is somewhat lower than, for example, in Old Batumi or Rustaveli.

The district also has its own infrastructure, which fully satisfies all basic needs. In particular, there are bus routes 1, 4, 8, 11, fixed-route taxis, shops, bank branches, pharmacies, beauty salons, a sports club, and the Marine Hospital.

The Memorial and Park of Heroes of Shindisi is the central monumental object of the area, the monument is made in the modern architectural style, dedicated to the Georgian soldiers who died in the battle near the village of Shindisi in August 2008.

How to find a residential complex in the Javakhishvili district for purchase?

According to the information of the international real estate search engine GEOLN.COM, there are 6 residential complexes under construction in this district.

GEOLN.COM offers to make a choice for investment on its Internet platform by filters:

  • Country: Georgia
  • City: Batumi
  • District: Javakhishvili


And ... the list of new buildings is ready!

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You can find:

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infrastructure of every new complex in Javakhishvi district.

Additionally, you can request floor plans in the new buildings.

The minimum price for one square meter of the area in Javakhishvili district is 355 USD.

You can buy an apartment from a developer in Javakhishvili district in a new building in a turnkey condition (renovation, furnishings, household appliances included), as well as in a black or green frame.

Prices for apartments in new buildings in the Javakhishvili district (current as of August 2022)

Object Price
Orbi Luxe Palace 26235$
In Kheivani, building A 11700$
Taomsheni 12540$
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