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Sea Town
Sea Town
From 610$ / m2
ID: 13201 | 19 floors
From 800$ / m2
ID: 12815 | 24 floors
Kandinsky Odessa Residence
Kandinsky Odessa Residence
From 1370$ / m2
ID: 12797 | 21 floors
Costa fontana
Costa fontana
From 1088$ / m2
ID: 12698 | 8 floors
La Mer
La Mer
From 1400$ / m2
ID: 12658 | 9 floors
Zolotaya Era
Zolotaya Era
From 570$ / m2
ID: 6666 | 12 floors | 900m from sea
Premium Residence
Premium Residence
748$ — 1457$ / m2
ID: 835 | 9 floors
797$ — 990$ / m2
ID: 834 | 12 floors | 600m from sea
593$ — 643$ / m2
ID: 833 | 5 floors | 3500m from sea
Graf u morya
Graf u morya
1042$ — 1805$ / m2
ID: 830 | 9 floors | 30m from sea
Derby Style House
Derby Style House
722$ — 1062$ / m2
ID: 828 | 18 floors
Primorskye Sadi
Primorskye Sadi
591$ — 848$ / m2
ID: 827 | 15 floors | 1000m from sea
668$ — 953$ / m2
ID: 826 | 23 floors | 3000m from sea
600$ — 753$ / m2
ID: 824 | 20 floors | 150m from sea
617$ — 1204$ / m2
ID: 823 | 23 floors | 500m from sea
400$ — 542$ / m2
ID: 821 | 17 floors | 4000m from sea
Space on the 12th Fountain
Space on the 12th Fountain
1270$ — 1784$ / m2
ID: 819 | 7 floors | 150m from sea
The space on Morskoye
The space on Morskoye
1280$ — 1676$ / m2
ID: 817 | 6 floors | 250m from sea
Space on Raskidailovskaya
Space on Raskidailovskaya
714$ — 902$ / m2
ID: 815 | 12 floors | 4500m from sea
Space on Geraneva
Space on Geraneva
908$ — 1166$ / m2
ID: 814 | 14 floors | 2500m from sea
Space on Geraneva
Space on Geraneva
898$ — 1098$ / m2
ID: 812 | 7 floors | 1500m from sea
Space on Nedelina
Space on Nedelina
918$ — 1258$ / m2
ID: 809 | 8 floors | 2000m from sea
On Efimova
On Efimova
From 560$ / m2
ID: 805 | 10 floors | 4000m from sea
New Cheryomushki 2
New Cheryomushki 2
From 600$ / m2
ID: 804 | 12 floors

New buildings in Odessa

City on the map

Odessa is a port city on the Black Sea in southern Ukraine.

Why is it profitable to buy apartments in Odessa in the new buildings?

The city is the center of tourism, industry, trade, and a major sea trade port. Such industries as metalworking and mechanical engineering, the production of drugs, food are developed here. Specialists come here for employment and life.

In addition, it should be noted that the city is also a scientific and educational center. Universities accept students from all over the country: national university named after I.I. Mechnikov, medical, economic, agricultural, marine, polytechnic universities; academies: law, music, communications, food technology, as well as schools and colleges. A number of scientific institutes and laboratories operate here, including the oldest research institute in the higher education system, the Research Institute of Physics, the Botanical Garden of Mechnikov University, scientific organizations in various fields of research: medical, eye diseases and tissue therapy, and many others.

The combination of these factors attracts the interest of investors in the real estate sector, since it creates new opportunities for investment - not only tourists come to the city, but also those who want to work, study, research and, as a result, they rent and buy housing, creating demand for it and stimulating housing construction ... In particular, a rare city in the world can gather such an army of students (potential tenants) in one place.

The city is also interesting as an architectural object. The historical center is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List: the ensemble of Primorsky Boulevard, Duke de Richelieu Square, Potemkin Stairs.

Odessa is a large resort that stretches for tens of kilometers along the Black Sea coast. One of the most popular holiday areas is Arcadia. On its territory there are sanatoriums, houses, as well as a hydropathic establishment, a resort clinic, a tourist center, hotels, numerous restaurants, a constellation of nightclubs operating around the clock during the holiday season. In Odessa and near it, to the west of the Dniester along the coast, there is a group of balneo-mud, balneo-climatic and climatic seaside resorts of national importance. There are so many types of restorative treatment here! These are: therapeutic silt mud, brine of estuaries, sea and artificial mineral baths, radon, oxygen, nitrogen, as well as grape therapy.

The climate is temperate maritime with subtropical features. There are mild winters, relatively long springs and hot summers, long and warm autumn in Odessa.

Despite the growth in value, the demand for new buildings in Odessa is high. There are many new buildings: budget options, apartments in complexes under construction and premium cottages far from the bustle of the city. The choice is wide enough.

The dynamics of the Ukrainian market for new buildings presupposes constant changes, which is associated with the instability of the economy. Today's cost per square meter may increase significantly tomorrow, and, conversely, it is good to fall in price after a month or two. However, developers are trying to determine these numbers in the long term by setting a reasonable price tag. The criteria are: class of housing (building materials, construction technologies used, level of noise and vibration isolation, landscaping, adjacent infrastructure, etc.) and distance from the sea (the closer, the more expensive).

Residential complexes in Odessa offer a large number of housing units. It is being built in compliance with the most modern technologies. The sale of apartments from developers can be carried out on installment plan basis, taking into account the immediate proximity of the necessary infrastructure to the building site.

Investments bring high passive income from renting and resale. You can buy an apartment from one of the developers in Odessa based on almost any liking and need, limited only by material capabilities.

According to the information provided by the real estate search engine GEOLN.COM, the minimum price per square meter of area is $400 (apartments in white frame condition).

Features of purchasing an apartment in Odessa from a developer by foreigners

Foreigners aged 18 and over who are legally located in Ukraine can participate in real estate transactions in Ukraine.

Highlights of Odessa

  • Deribasovskaya Street;
  • Museum of Western and Eastern Art;
  • Opera theatre;
  • Transfiguration Cathedral;
  • a monument to Duke de Richelieu;
  • The Potemkin Stairs;
  • Primorsky Boulevard;
  • Academic Ukrainian Theater named after V. Vasilko;
  • Vorontsov Palace;
  • Palace of Counts Tolstoy;
  • Novikov Palace;
  • catacombs;
  • literary museum;
  • the Wax Museum;
  • Museum of Interesting Science;
  • cinema museum;
  • anchor museum.

What is being built and in what areas?

New buildings in Odessa from the developers are being built in four districts - Suvorov, Kiev, Primorsky and Malinovsky.

Suvorovsky covers the northern part of the city, including the suburbs with the equipped coastal zone. The area is being built, infrastructure is improving most dynamically, while the price per square meter is relatively low. Suvorovsky district is chosen by those who are not tied to the center of Odessa, which can be problematic to get to during rush hours. The area has a good transport interchange and access to highways. The distance to the sea is about 3-5 km.

In terms of parameters and level of development Kievsky is similar to Suvorovsky. The state of ecology here is one of the best in the city: clean air, parks, squares, beaches, proximity to the sea. There is a convenient connection with the center, there is everything you need for a comfortable life: post offices, medical institutions, schools, kindergartens, supermarkets, shopping and entertainment centers. If you do not want to spend a lot of time on the road to the sea, you would prefer to buy an apartment in this area.

Primorsky includes several elite high-rise housing estates. The price of housing is high here, only wealthy people can afford it. As a rule, new buildings in the Primorsky district of Odessa are much more expensive. In return, investors get access to the sea and the city's main historical landmarks. Recently, a lot of high-rise properties are being built here close to the coast, which allows you to choose unique solutions with excellent sea views.

Malinovsky is quite old, multi-storey buildings and cottages are being built here instead of old housing and enterprises. This is a great option for those planning to work in the center. The road to the office will take no more than 20 minutes. At the same time, there are enough establishments to choose from. There are shops, cafes, restaurants, everything is provided here for car owners as well. The price per square meter in Malinovsky is moderate.

An apartment in one of the new buildings in Odessa is a good option for life and a profitable investment, since it combines all the factors that attract investors and buyers: the sea, good ecology, a wonderful climate, a reliable system of resort treatment, an opportunity to find oneself in professional activity and get a decent education.

Prices per sq. m. in popular districts of Odessa

DistrictPrices, from
Arcadia780$ / m2
Small Fountain617$ / m2
OdVO settlement668$ / m2
Sakhalinchyk722$ / m2
Shipbuilding settlment704$ / m2
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