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Project info

Object ID: 746
Finished at May 2020
Price, m2 633$ — 1055$
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Installment plan Первый взнос от 30% стоимости квартиры.
Bank mortgage
Property type Aparment building
Square from 37.00 m2
Floors 7
Apartments 476
Building phase Facade finished
Condition Without finishing
Construction type Panel
Conveniences Parking
Kids playground
Near supermarket
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About the project

The new Welcome Home residential complex on Stetsenko is located in the Svyatoshinsky district of Kiev, near Palladin Avenue. Near the recreation area is Pushcha Voditsa. Parks, lakes, bike paths - all the bounties of nature in a step.

These are multi-sectional houses with a height of 6-7 floors based on products manufactured by the DSK-3 plant. Available are already traditional advantages for us, such as: rational layouts, stained-glass windows from the floor, thoughtful architecture and interesting building facades. The low-rise development of the site, together with an interesting landscaping will give a feeling of a comfortable stay in every corner of the complex.

By the way, there will be only four apartments on the floors, which, you see, is also always very attractive for buyers. We hope that such a design solution will create all the conditions for warm good neighborly relations.

In Welcome Home LCD at Stetsenko, we deliberately did not create a large portfolio of planning solutions. There are only four of them. Such layouts were selected that are most in demand in our current projects and received a product ideally suited to both the location of the object and the target audience in this price segment of real estate.

One-room apartments 36-37 m2 and 48 m2. Two bedroom 55 m2. Moreover, in each apartment there is one room of 17 m2. In the one-room there are kitchen-living rooms of about 16 m2.

The construction group "Foundation" in this project offers a product in which today it is a leader among developers and developers of the capital's real estate market. This is a high-speed construction technology - up to one year from the start of construction work. So, we are talking about short-term investments and minimizing risks when buying at the initial stage of work, and finally, we are talking about an affordable square meter.

Welcome Home residential complex on Stetsenko is a project in which the concept of a residential complex is expressed not only in the logo or short-term advertising campaigns for sale. I wanted to realize the project with such a twist in the improvement and architecture that every day would please the residents of the complex.

The idea came up to create a residential art quarter where art objects were created within the framework of a single theme and style. The wildlife was chosen as the theme, namely, songbirds of Ukraine. The theme has great potential - small architectural forms for playgrounds, murals on the facades of houses and more. Residents will be able to join this kind of creativity soon enough. Firstly, the readiness of the first stage of Welcome Home at Stetsenko as early as December 2016. And secondly, the selection of several art objects will be held by the vote of buyers.


The construction group "Foundation" began its existence in 1943 with the beginning of the restoration of Kiev. The organization’s team activ…
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Svyatoshinsky district, st. Stetsenko, 75, Svyatoshinsky


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