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From 690$ / m2
ID: 4442 | 21 floors
Harmony of Life
Harmony of Life
From 740$ / m2
ID: 4439 | 18 floors
From 690$ / m2
ID: 4437 | 12 floors
Millennium in Omsk
Millennium in Omsk
From 640$ / m2
ID: 4436 | 17 floors
Berezovaya Rosha
Berezovaya Rosha
From 720$ / m2
ID: 4435 | 16 floors
From 620$ / m2
ID: 4433 | 16 floors

New buildings in Omsk

City on the map

Omsk is one of the largest cities in Russia, located in the south of the West Siberian Plain at the confluence of the Irtysh and the Om rivers.

Why is it profitable to buy an apartment from the developers in Omsk?

It is a major transport hub where air, river, rail, road and pipeline transport routes intersect. The location at the intersection of the Trans-Siberian railway and a large waterway - the Irtysh River, the presence of an airport provide a dynamic, diversified development of the city.

The city is located in a temperate climatic zone with a continental climate of the forest-steppe of the West Siberian belt. Its peculiarity is a large number of sunny days. The average air temperature in January is -19.2 ° C, in July +18.3 ° C.

Omsk is the center of the manufacturing industry: enterprises of the fuel and energy industries, chemical and petrochemical industries, mechanical engineering, food industry operate here; financial institutions are widely represented: there are branches of all major Russian banks, as well as brokerage, leasing and factoring companies. The infrastructure of the city is well developed and is being improved further.

Omsk is the center of education and science in the Siberian region. Higher education is represented by more than 20 universities, which are known for the high level of training of specialists. Omsk higher school is traditionally considered one of the best in Russia, so people come here to study from all over the country.

New buildings in Omsk are being built in significant numbers. You can buy an apartment in Omsk in the new buildings at an affordable price and there is plenty to choose from, which is interesting for buyers and investors. Positive expectations are supported by the fact that Omsk, with its historically lowest prices and growth in demand for housing, still lags behind most megacities in this indicator, that is, the potential for price increases has not yet been exhausted. However, the unstable and unpredictable economic situation in the country, the creeping up price tag of building materials and the weakening ruble will inevitably affect the price per square meter. Considering that real money incomes of Omsk residents are significantly decreasing, unemployment is growing, these processes against the background of rising prices and weakening economy can negatively affect the demand. At the same time, even the mortgage programs promoted by the state will not be able to stimulate it.

Apartments in Omsk from the developers are offered on installment plan basis, besides, the investor-buyers receive new communications and more thought-out layouts. Investments bring passive income (rent, resale) as well.

Residential complexes in Omsk - housing built in compliance with building standards. Developers have positive quality reviews.

According to the real estate search engine GEOLN.COM, the minimum price per square meter for an apartment in black frame condition is $620, which is quite inexpensive.

Purchase of apartments by foreigners

Foreigners can buy real estate in Omsk in the new buildings. Discussions about toughening requirements for foreigners are actively initiated by individual representatives of the country's power structures. However, there are no decisions or draft laws at the moment.

Some sights of the city:

  • Assumption Cathedral;
  • Tara Gates;
  • Irtysh embankment;
  • Omsk Academic Drama Theater;
  • Musical Theatre;
  • Museum named after M.A. Vrubel;
  • Literary Museum named after F.M. Dostoevsky;
  • The mansion of the merchant Batyushkin;
  • Fire Tower;
  • Arena “Omsk”;
  • Bird's Harbor.

What and in what areas to buy?

New buildings in Omsk from the developers are being erected throughout the city. Particular attention is paid to the Kirovsky District. The sale of apartments from developers is in demand by the residents of the area and by many visitors, since here are the highest, modern new buildings. The area is located on the left bank of the Irtysh. Almost all large shopping centers are located in Kirovsky. This is a real trading center. The Kirovsky District accounts for a significant share of transactions.

There is a demand for real estate located in green areas, near rivers, where there are also motorways and public transport stops nearby. In particular, these are new buildings on the street. Krasny Put’ and some complexes of the Left Bank, which are also distinguished by convenient infrastructure for families with children (schools, kindergartens).

Purchasing apartments in the new buildings in Omsk is an investment project with a development potential, given the large scale and continued good construction dynamics. At the same time, experts cautiously draw attention to some risks for investors in the near future, associated with the general state of the Russian market. However, the “domestic” buyer is still willing to purchase primary housing here for living.

Prices per sq. m. in popular districts of Omsk

DistrictPrices, from
Kristall720$ / m2
Kirovsk620$ / m2
Kuibyshevsky640$ / m2

New buildings in the districts of Omsk

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