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Real estate in new builds from developers of Italy

Residenza Sauro
Residenza Sauro
From 2955$ / m2
ID: 12035 | 4 floors
Parco Paradiso
Parco Paradiso
From 3615$ / m2
ID: 12034 | 6 floors
Strada Bertolla
Strada Bertolla
From 3050$ / m2
ID: 12022 | 5 floors
Opificio 4.8
Opificio 4.8
From 3900$ / m2
ID: 12016 | 3 floors
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Resale property from owners in Italy

Apartment in the center of Scalea, 500m from the sea
Apartment in the center of Scalea, 500m from the sea
ID: 24136 | 95 m2 | Floor: 3/5 | Apartment
Apartment in the mountains, by the sea in Italy, Liguria, Ceriana
Apartment in the mountains, by the sea in Italy, Liguria, Ceriana
ID: 21588 | 70 m2 | Apartment
Apartment by the sea in Italy, Liguria, Vallebona
Apartment by the sea in Italy, Liguria, Vallebona
ID: 21584 | 117 m2 | Floor: 1 | Apartment
Apartment by the sea in Italy, Sardinia, Castelsardo
Apartment by the sea in Italy, Sardinia, Castelsardo
ID: 21557 | 50 m2 | Floor: 2 | Apartment
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Commercial property in Italy

Production in a village in Italy, Tuscany, Livorno
Production in a village in Italy, Tuscany, Livorno
ID: 21253 | 480000 m2 | Commercial property
Restaurant (cafe) by the sea in Italy, Bordighera
Restaurant (cafe) by the sea in Italy, Bordighera
ID: 20925 | 1500 m2 | Commercial property

Real estate in Italy

Location, climate, and economy

Italy (officially Italian Republic) is a European country on the Mediterranean coast, it occupies the Apennine Peninsula, the northwestern part of the Balkan Peninsula, the southern slopes of the Alps, as well as the islands - Sardinia, Sicily and a number of other smaller ones. The country is a member of the European Union and NATO.

The climate is Mediterranean, influenced by the Alps, which prevent the penetration of northern and western winds.

Italy is an industrial country in the high-tech north and the agrarian south. The following industries are developed: metallurgical, machine-building, petrochemical, production of household appliances, radio electronics, clothing, shoes, jewelry, cars, mopeds, bicycles, and car tires.

Real estate market in Italy

The sale of real estate in Italy is regulated in detail in accordance with the current legislation of the country. The real estate market continues to be steadily growing in Europe. Foreign investors are interested in Italian real estate (the country ranks fifth in the world in terms of popularity among foreign buyers considering buying a second home) and citizens of the country as well, and they often purchase new buildings at the initial stage of construction. Domestic demand is stimulated by relatively low mortgage interest rates.

New residential complexes are being built using modern technologies in attractive resort regions, in large cities (Rome, Milan), and are handed over on time. Customer reviews confirm that the primary residential property in Italy complies with European building standards. Since the demand is high and its supply does not quite satisfy it, the prices for new buildings are higher than for secondary real estate. The choice of resale is wide. Housing in old, well-repaired stone buildings in historical locations, as well as on the coast, is most valued.

Investing in commercial fund objects located in tourist areas is a very profitable investment.

The price of real estate in Italy

The cost of real estate in Italy varies greatly depending on the region, and also within it - on the province and commune. The main determining conditions include location, age of the building, availability of developed infrastructure, and environmental conditions. In the north of Italy, real estate is much more expensive than in the south. The most expensive real estate is in the "golden triangle" of Tuscany (Milan, Venice, Parma, etc.). Among the objects near natural attractions, those located near lakes, especially Como, in the mountains, are more popular. Apartments at a moderate purchase price, with great potential for rent are in the cities of Perugia, Assisi. In particular, tourists, students, businessmen come to Perugia, a two-room apartment costs about 150,000 euros.

Experts believe that prices for apartments, houses, commercial premises in Italy have a steady upward trend, which will allow investors to earn on the subsequent resale of the objects.

Estimated price per sq. m:

  • apartments in a new building - from 2,500 euros;
  • apartment in the secondary fund - from 500 euros;
  • houses on the secondary market - from 1,600 euros;
  • commercial premises - from 1,370 euros;
  • land plot (for development) - from 250 euros.

Given the high price dynamics, it is advisable to use only up-to-date information.

Property types for sale

Real estate for sale in Italy is represented by:

  • apartments in the primary and secondary housing stock;
  • land plots (agricultural and non-agricultural purposes),
  • commercial facilities (hotels, shops, warehouses, offices, etc.);
  • houses, townhouses, cottages,
  • chalet,
  • villas and castles.

Real estate website in Italy

It is safer to use the information of experts and follow their recommendations. GEOLN.COM real estate website (with a convenient search interface) contains a full catalog of real estate in Italy.

Buying property in Italy by foreigners (nuances)

Equal rights are fixed in the acquisition of real estate for citizens and foreign investors. It is allowed to acquire full ownership of all types of real estate. Owning it in Italy is the basis for issuing a multiple Schengen visa, which does not give the right to have a residence permit.

It is profitable to buy real estate in Italy in order to receive income from renting or reselling in a country popular among tourists, with a beautiful nature (sea, mountains, lakes), for recreation, and to move to a permanent place of residence.

Real estate prices in Italy

CityPrice from
Cagliari 3,176$ / m2
Lecce 1,611$ / m2
Milan 2,500$ / m2
Palermo 4,600$ / m2
Pescara 3,140$ / m2
Ponteranica 1,670$ / m2
Rome 2,545$ / m2
Sumirago 1,845$ / m2
Turin 3,050$ / m2
Venice 2,333$ / m2

Real estate in cities of Italy

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