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Real estate in new builds from developers of France

Villa Marine
Villa Marine
From 6775$ / m2
ID: 20577 | 2 floors
Green Horizon
Green Horizon
From 3580$ / m2
ID: 20576 | 3 floors
From 9370$ / m2
ID: 20574 | 3 floors
From 5530$ / m2
ID: 20573 | 3 floors
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Resale property from owners in France

Duplex apartment in the heart of Calvi
Duplex apartment in the heart of Calvi
ID: 23332 | 127 m2 | Floor: 1/2 | Apartment
Apartment building in the suburbs of Paris
Apartment building in the suburbs of Paris
ID: 21806 | 1000 m2 | Cottage
Apartment in France, Le Cannet-de-Maur
Apartment in France, Le Cannet-de-Maur
ID: 21590 | 80 m2 | Floor: 1 | Apartment
Villa in France, Provence, Le Thoron
Villa in France, Provence, Le Thoron
ID: 21566 | 600 m2 | Villa
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Real estate in France

Location, climate, and economy

France (official French Republic) is a country that is a member of NATO and the UN, located in Europe, on the island of Corsica, in other regions in South and North America, the Indian, Pacific Ocean. The shores of the country are bordered by: the English Channel, the Atlantic Ocean, the North and Mediterranean Seas.

The country can be divided into three climatic zones: oceanic, Mediterranean and continental. In summer it is dry and hot (+ 23-25°C), in winter it is rainy and cool (about + 10°C).

France has one of the highest standards of living in the world. The sphere of special concern of the state is agriculture (the country is one of the leading players in the market of grain, beef, dairy products, especially cheeses, winemaking). Industry forms a significant share of GDP, and industries such as engineering, chemical production, shipbuilding and automotive, energy, and mining play an important role. In addition, tourism and the service sector make a huge contribution to the budget, the hotel business, restaurant business, retail trade, financial and telecommunications services are at the highest level.

The real estate market in France

France is a profitable project in terms of investment, including real estate. In particular, renting a two-room apartment of about 45 sq.m in Paris or Nice can generate income from 800 to 1000 euros per month. Real estate in France is getting more expensive. Paris is the only metropolitan area where house prices have declined year on year. However, in the Paris region as a whole, the price increased by 3.9%. The cost of real estate in France in the ten largest cities in the country, with the exception of Paris, increased by 4.5% per year. Most of all, residential real estate in France has risen in price in seaside resorts (more than 12%). Experts say that the main growth factor is the continuing shortage of supply.

If earlier the French economy demonstrated relative stability, then a new factor (military operations and an aggravation of the foreign policy situation) has a downward effect on economic growth, leading to a further increase in energy prices and real estate. Bank interest rates on mortgage loans are expected to rise in the near future. Therefore, it is not necessary to count on a decrease in the cost of apartments and houses in France in the short term. Demand for office space, primarily in the capital, remains low, despite some recovery in the commercial real estate market. The sale of real estate in France is regulated step by step by law; transactions are transparent and safe. The erected residential complexes comply with the requirements of building codes, which is confirmed by customer reviews.

The price of real estate in France

  •  apartments with two bedrooms (45 sq.m): Saint-Pierre - 150,000 euros, Nice - 100,000 euros, Paris - 360,000 euros;
  •  houses with land (800-1300 sq.m): Saint-Pierre - 380,000 euros, Nice - 1,400,000 euros, Paris - 1,600,000 euros;
  •  land plots of 600-800 sq.m in different locations: Saint-Pierre community - 16,000 euros, Nice - 25,000 euros, French Riviera - 99,000 euros;
  •  villas: in Nuan-les-Fuseliers with a land of 27,000 sq.m - 8,700,500 euros; in Cannes with a land of 1,050 sq.m - 3,000,000 euros.
  •  a castle in the commune of Boukelon with an area of 1,200 sq.m - 4,200,000 euros;

Given the dynamics of price changes, it is necessary to use only up-to-date information.

Property types for sale

Real estate sold on the market is represented by primary and secondary, residential and non-residential stock, including:

  •  studios, apartments, garden apartments on the ground floor, duplexes (two-story or duplex apartments), lofts (spacious studios in former industrial premises with high ceilings and many windows), penthouses (apartment occupying the top floor);
  •  villas, cottages, chalets, chateaus;
  •  commercial facilities (hotels, shops, warehouses, offices, garages, etc.);
  •  land plots.

Real estate website in France

It is safer to use the information of experts and follow their recommendations. GEOLN.COM real estate (with a convenient search interface) contains a full catalog of real estate in France.

Buying property in France by foreigners (nuances)

The purchase of real estate property by foreigners is not limited in any way. This investment can become a factor facilitating naturalization, in particular for the purpose of acquiring a residence permit. You can conclude a deal in any region of the country. It requires careful preparation and you must open an account in a French bank.

Buying a property in France provides for making a profitable investment and gaining a special status as an investor, receiving a constant rental income, having the opportunity to live in the heart of European business, fashion, culture and tourism.

Real estate prices in France

CityPrice from
Antibes 3,580$ / m2
Aubergenville 3,650$ / m2
Cagnes-sur-Mer 4,495$ / m2
Lyon 5,600$ / m2
Marseille 6,450$ / m2
Nice 4,200$ / m2
Paris 11,470$ / m2
Saint-Tropez 3,500$ / m2
Vallauris 5,030$ / m2
st-laurent-du-var 4,855$ / m2
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