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Nice, France
From 9370$ / m2
ID: 20574 | 3 floors
Nice Colors
Nice Colors
Nice, France
From 5400$ / m2
ID: 20572 | 5 floors
52 Cimiez
52 Cimiez
Nice, France
From 8185$ / m2
ID: 20566 | 4 floors
Coeur Delille
Coeur Delille
Nice, France
From 7150$ / m2
ID: 20564 | 5 floors
Nice, France
From 5600$ / m2
ID: 20556 | 6 floors
Nice, France
From 7420$ / m2
ID: 12841 | 7 floors
Student Factory Nice Gare Du Sud
Student Factory Nice Gare Du Sud
Nice, France
From 4200$ / m2
ID: 12840 | 8 floors

New builds in Nice

Location and climate

Nice is a resort city in the southeastern part of France, in the Mediterranean region on the Cote d'Azur.

The climate is Mediterranean, with moderate temperatures throughout most of the year. Summer is hot, dry and sunny (+30 degrees Celsius) and autumn is warm with rains (+17-20 degrees). Winter is characterized by warm days (+11-17 degrees), sometimes frosts occur, snowfalls are very rare. Spring comes late, in March-April there is rainy and damp weather, and only by mid-May dry weather sets in.

Why is it profitable to buy an apartment in Nice in a new build

The basis of the city's economy is the provision of services, including in the field of tourism. The industry is represented by enterprises producing food, textile, clothing, perfumery, souvenirs, furniture, and electrical products. Residents of the suburbs are engaged in growing fruits and floriculture. The tourist infrastructure of this resort town is ideal, which is why the city is called the French Riviera. This is the fifth largest city in France, surrounded by the foothills of the Alps, the boundaries of which stretch along the coast of Baye des Anges (Bay of Angels).

Nice has a rich history, founded by the Greeks in the 5th century BC under the name of Nicaea. It began to develop rapidly from the beginning of the 19th century as a fashionable resort for the European aristocracy. The fact is that the city is protected from cold winds (from the north) by the Alps, from hot gusts (from Africa) - by the expanses of the Mediterranean Sea. The popularity of Nice as a summer resort has long been known outside of Europe.

Nice airport in terms of the number of passengers served became the third airport in France. Railways connect it with other coastal cities and with the Principality of Monaco. The city has three tram lines and numerous bus lines.

There are 4 universities in the city providing training in 125 educational programs.

Real estate in Nice in the new builds for sale is traditionally in high demand. This city is good for spending vacations and living. According to some experts, along with Lyon, Nice is the third in the country in terms of housing prices. It makes sense for buyers who are interested in primary housing of a larger area to invest in new homes in Nice from the developers in suburban locations. For those who intend to invest in residential complexes in Nice, there are profitable opportunities for renting out housing, especially during the summer period. The high quality of construction of facilities is confirmed by customer reviews.

In accordance with the information of the GEOLN.COM real estate search engine, the lowest price per square meter of space in a new home for sale from a developer in Nice (apartments handed over in black frame condition) is 7420 USD.  

Interesting places to visit in the city

  • Old city
  • English promenade 
  • Hotel Negresco
  • Port of Lympia
  • Place Massena
  • Garibaldi Square
  • Opera theatre
  • Palace of justice 
  • Nicholas Cathedral
  • Basilica of Notre Dame
  • Cathedral of Saint Reparata
  • Church of Notre-Dame-du-Port
  • Cimiez Monastery
  • Observatory 
  • Fort alban 
  • Phoenix flower park
  • Castle Hill
  • Museums of: modern art, Matisse, Chagall, fine arts, Asian art, Massena 

Acquisition of apartments in Nice from the developers by foreign citizens

There are no restrictions on the purchase of real estate by foreigners. Foreign investors have the same right to buy apartments from the developers in Nice as citizens of the country.

Purchasing an apartment in a new development in Nice is a high-status investment that gives you the opportunity to receive high rental income all year round, to live and relax in a city on the Mediterranean coast, which has a rich history, long-standing popularity in the aristocratic and business circles of Europe, and among tourists from all over the world. 

Information prepared by real estate expert in Nice - Diana Kabakci
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