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Real estate in new builds from developers of Australia

Halcyon Subiaco
Halcyon Subiaco
From 7400$ / m2
ID: 12860 | 6 floors
Campbell 5
Campbell 5
From 9930$ / m2
ID: 12859 | 6 floors
Dock One Port Adelaide
Dock One Port Adelaide
From 6580$ / m2
ID: 12858 | 2 floors
Hamilton Hill
Hamilton Hill
From 2600$ / m2
ID: 12857 | 2 floors
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Real estate in Australia

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Australia (officially - the Commonwealth of Australia) occupies the mainland of the same name, the island of Tasmania and several islands in the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

Market and real estate prices in Australia

The market is currently undergoing a significant correction as house prices have risen to a record high. Such rapid growth must sooner or later be balanced against unjustifiably increased demand. The cost of real estate in Australia is increasing at the expense of smaller cities. Experts emphasize that the market is coming into balance, and investors should now decide whether to enter investment projects. In terms of cost, a one-room apartment can be purchased for $130,000. Such prices are available in different cities: Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne and others. The minimum price for an apartment with three or more rooms is from $360,000. As for buying a house, prices in Sydney start from a million dollars, in Adelaide there are offers from $250,000.

Types of properties in Australia for sale

You can buy real estate in Australia for every liking. The range of proposals is diverse, since the construction industry is quite developed, professionally responding to market demands.

The property is represented by:

  •  primary and secondary housing;
  •  commercial fund (warehouse, retail, office facilities);
  •  buildings at the stage of design or construction;
  •  vacant land plots for building.

Residential objects typical for the city are apartments:

  •  two-three bedrooms (unit),
  •  living room combined with kitchen and bedroom (studio),
  •  in multi-storey buildings (apartments),
  •  in a house on one floor (flat).

Residential complexes are being built in locations close to the central part of the cities, consisting of two-story townhouses with cozy courtyards.

Most Australians prefer secluded living in detached houses to city apartments. In the price category rating, the most affordable type of houses, taking into account the warm climate of the country, are considered to be the housing made of plywood (fibro), lined with siding. Further, more reliable and expensive - a house with wooden walls lined with bricks. The most expensive and comfortable - a house with walls in two layers of bricks. It is impeccable in strength, heat resistance (in winter, the temperature drops to 0 degrees Celsius). The house in most cases is located on a plot of land from four to forty acres, depending on the availability of free land for development in the region, as well as proximity to the city.

According to the nature of the building, the houses can be divided into the following:

  •  one floor
  •  two floors with a garage on the ground floor,
  •  two-storey residential building,
  •  house on a plot of more than forty and a half acres.

As a separate type of real estate, you can define small villas in the suburban area for pensioners.

Australian real estate website (full catalog)

It is advisable to use the advice and information of experts. The GEOLN.COM website can assist you in finding real estate objects for sale in Australia.

Buying property in Australia (nuances)

It is possible to buy any type of real estate: both commercial and residential. A foreign investor has the right to buy only new housing, although he is allowed to purchase commercial real estate on the secondary market. In order to purchase housing in Australia, you must obtain permission from the Office of Foreign Investment. It does not need to be obtained by non-residents investing in the primary market from developers who have a certificate for the sale of objects to foreigners.

Investors are usually focused on large cities or small settlements with beautiful natural scenery. Canberra, although the capital, is not very popular, as it does not have access to the coast. For those who want to live in a metropolis, it is better to prefer Sydney. For those who like partying - Melbourne, a quiet lifestyle - Brisbane (with developed infrastructure), who choose to live on the coast - Gold Coast (the city is good for renting out housing).

Foreign investors are interested in commercial real estate (office and retail space) in big cities, they prefer hotels in places located on the coast.

Construction in the country is carried out taking into account natural and climatic conditions. Most houses are built of brick, with the exception of skyscrapers.

Purchasing real estate in Australia is a promising investment for generating rental income, living in a free, migrant-tolerant country with a comfortable climate and a developed economy.

Real estate prices in Australia

CityPrice from
Adelaide 2,600$ / m2
Brisbane 2,230$ / m2
Canberra 9,930$ / m2
Melbourne 8,500$ / m2
Perth 7,400$ / m2
Sydney 2,500$ / m2
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