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Halcyon Subiaco
Halcyon Subiaco
From 7400$ / m2
ID: 12860 | 6 floors
Campbell 5
Campbell 5
From 9930$ / m2
ID: 12859 | 6 floors
Dock One Port Adelaide
Dock One Port Adelaide
From 6580$ / m2
ID: 12858 | 2 floors
Hamilton Hill
Hamilton Hill
From 2600$ / m2
ID: 12857 | 2 floors
Brighton Dunes
Brighton Dunes
From 6600$ / m2
ID: 12856 | 6 floors
From 10560$ / m2
ID: 12855 | 10 floors
Dakabin Crossing
Dakabin Crossing
From 2230$ / m2
ID: 12854 | 2 floors | Townhouse
Eight on Thomas
Eight on Thomas
From 8000$ / m2
ID: 12853 | 9 floors
Melbourne Square
Melbourne Square
From 10500$ / m2
ID: 12852 | 73 floors
380 Melbourne
380 Melbourne
From 8500$ / m2
ID: 12851 | 40 floors
From 9680$ / m2
ID: 12850 | 8 floors
The Harrington Collection
The Harrington Collection
/ m2
ID: 12849 | 9 floors
King & Phillip
King & Phillip
/ m2
ID: 12848 | 26 floors

New buildings in Australia

Location and climate

 Australia (the official name is the Commonwealth of Australia) is a member of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum, the World Trade Organization (WTO), chairman of the Kern Group (the organization of the main agricultural producers in the Pacific region). The country occupies the continent of the same name, the island of Tasmania and several other islands in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. The northern and eastern coasts are washed by the seas of the Pacific Ocean: Arafur, Coral, Tasman and Indian Ocean - Timor, western, southern - Indian Ocean.

 Australia's climate is influenced by ocean currents. The north of the country has a tropical climate, mainly with summer precipitation, in the southwestern part it has a Mediterranean climate, in the southeast (including the island of Tasmania) it is temperate.

 For the attention of investors: economy, culture, education in Australia

 Australia has a developed economy, high raw materials and technological potential. It is one of the most open and innovative countries in the world. It possesses large reserves of energy and mineral raw materials (oil, natural gas, bituminous and brown coal, iron, manganese and uranium ores, bauxite, lead, zinc, silver, gold, diamonds, etc.). The country has one of the first places in the world for the production of electricity per capita. The range of manufactured products is diverse: from food products and fashionable clothes to the most complex precision instrument-making products, modern complexes for oil refining, the tourism sector plays a significant role.

 Several signs of the country's investment attractiveness should be noted:

  •  high rates of economic growth and small national debt;
  •  low level of political risks;
  •  professional training of personnel;
  •  state language - English (the most popular in the world);
  •  the education system meets the needs of the modern economy;
  •  a developed financial sector for the purposes of doing global business;
  •  special attention is paid to research in the development, implementation of innovative technologies;

 it is easy to open a new business, the level of costs for doing it is low in comparison with most highly developed countries.

41 universities accept applicants: 37 state universities, 2 private and 2 branches of foreign universities. Within their walls, you can get almost any specialty; the choice of the presented programs is quite wide. The oldest educational institutions are a group of so-called "sandstone universities". Founded in the colonial era, they are known for the fundamental approach to the development of theoretical knowledge, the elitism of the student and teaching staff.

 Australia is a country inhabited by people from all over the world, the architectural styles of the colonial period were heavily influenced by British culture. Nevertheless, new trends of the 20th century led to a change in tastes to meet the requirements of mass culture.

 The list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites includes: Sydney Opera House, Royal Exhibition Center. One of the oldest wind instruments in the world, the didgeridoo, was invented in Australia. The Nobel Prize in Literature honors novelist Patrick White.

 Buying an apartment in Australia in a new building is becoming even more profitable

      Thanks to government stimulus measures, the demand for new properties in Australia is growing again. And they prices for them do the same thing. The country sent tens of billions of dollars to the economy. Citizens showed interest in purchasing apartments, considering on the contrary a difficult period the most suitable for considering primary housing as a family planning project. The highest growth in prices for new buildings in Australia from the developer is observed in the less well-known areas of the country, the largest - on the island of Tasmania, where the jump was 12%. The reason for this excitement was the tendency of the urban population to look for residential complexes in Australia in small cities for the purpose of buying and renting, where the costs are much lower. Moreover, the popularity of the remote work format contributes to this. Thus, the pessimistic forecasts did not come true, and the real estate market managed to get by with minimal losses, quickly recovering its positions. The sale of apartments from developers in the residential complexes provides for housing of different classes, and the quality corresponds to construction standards, which is confirmed by customer reviews.

 Currently, the lowest cost per square meter of turnkey space in a new building in the capital - Canberra (according to information from the GEOLN.COM search engine) is 9,930 USD.

 Purchase of an apartment in Australia from a developer by foreigners

 Foreigners can buy an apartment from a developer in Australia without restrictions. In the secondary market, non-residents have the right to purchase only commercial real estate.

 Purchasing an apartment in a new building in Australia is a strategically correct, profitable investment for obtaining a high, stable rental income in a tolerant country with a free and strong economy, as well as for living in a new, happy reality.

Off-plan property and other buildings in cities in Australia

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