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Project info

Object ID: 7071
Finished at December 2022
Price, m2 From 7830$
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Installment plan
Bank mortrage
Property type Aparment building
Square from 122.00 m2
Floors 27
Apartments 560
Condition Black walls
Construction type Monolyth
Security CCTV
Conveniences Parking
Underground parking
Commercial area
Near school
Near kindergarten
Near supermarket
Near hospital
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About the project

The company “Maoz Daniel” leads a program of building evacuation area of about 13.5 hectares in a central location at sea, in the western part of the neighborhood of Ramat Yosef Katznelson Street 41-51 in Bat Yam.

Existing complex has six residential floors 2-3 elongated, with five buildings have 16 apartments in each building is divided into a number of inputs and the sixth building also has 24 apartments is divided into several entrances, a total of 104 apartments.

The program will apply to all buildings approved compound gentrification and include old buildings built before 50 years, neglected and crumbling who do not meet earthquake slightest forbid, and of course that these structures elevators and rooms safe room as there is now every new apartment.

And a large part residents are in need of very elderly population and certainly lift emergency shelter in the apartment, Moreover, tenants also have severe parking shortage and forced to park on the main street now.

Evacuation of Company offers an improved quality of life residents of the buildings in the new complex by obtaining a new apartment and a much larger current from their apartment adjacent storage room and private parking adjacent.

Maoz Daniel bear all the costs involved in implementing this project include:

Planning, fees and charges, construction, taxes (if required) and more .. so residents hold prior ownership will have no cost or expense involved in implementing the project and the company will fund and incur any costs, such as attorney for the tenants, construction supervisor, costs of rent (if required) and transport cost new apartment.

The neighborhood is very accessible and close to major traffic arteries in the city and outside it as Highway 431 and the Ayalon highway leading central cities, towns degradation and Jerusalem.

The new construction planning thought has gone into a deep and referral of a large part of the apartments is the beach.

The new program up will include approximately 470 luxury apartments in five buildings of 27 floors. Every building will be approximately 94 apartments of various sizes with an average apartment size will be approximately 102 square meters, plus a sun terrace of 12 sqm.

parking will be underground parking basement.

The first phase will build two buildings of 27 floors in each building – 112 apartments.

New homes have high standards include safe room, balconies, elevators and shall have speed 3.4.5 rooms, mini penthouse apartment 6 rooms, 6 room penthouse apartment


Maoz Daniel is a family company that is one of the strongest and oldest companies in Israel. The company, which was established three decade…
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+995 (558) 7000 88

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