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Object ID: 662
Finished at November 2019
Price, m2 From 1018$
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Installment plan
Bank mortgage
Property type Aparment building
Square from 42.36 m2
Floors 10
Building phase Facade finished
Condition Black walls
Construction type Panel
Security Intercom
Conveniences Near school
Near kindergarten
Near supermarket
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About the project

The residential complex "Sukharevo" is a modern multi-storey building in an ecologically clean residential area with a rapidly developing infrastructure, without industrial enterprises and with a good environment.

Location of the new building

Residential complex "Sukharevo" in Minsk is located in the Sukharevo microdistrict near Sharangovich and Yankovsky streets. The distance to the center is eleven kilometers.

The surroundings of the complex

There are two Orthodox churches near the new building. The nearest supermarket is a two-minute walk away, there are several other grocery stores and supermarkets nearby, and a hypermarket is located nine hundred meters away.

Within a radius of six hundred meters there are schools No. 6 and No. 212, as well as gymnasium No. 33. Kindergarten №76 is located two hundred meters away.

About transport infrastructure

The movement of transport is organized along Sharangovich street with a minimum interval of six minutes. There are eight routes of buses, trolley buses and fixed-route taxis run here. The nearest metro station "Kamennaya Gorka" is less than four kilometers away.

Parameters and technical features

The new building is a ten-storey building of four sections, located on the building site in the shape of the letter "G". The building was designed with the need for affordable but comfortable housing in mind. The developer uses advanced technologies that ensure high structural strength and low cost of housing maintenance.

The house is constructed from prefabricated reinforced concrete products. A reinforced concrete panel is used as the main structural element - the external walls have the energy efficiency indicators required by modern standards. The house has a flat roof covered with soft roll waterproofing and equipped with a drainage system.

The building is equipped with quiet, reliable elevators, and the central city networks are connected. Entrance loops are equipped with metal entrance doors with intercom systems. Special ramps are being installed for people with disabilities.

Improvement of the complex

Two sites for temporary parking of cars are being equipped near the house, pedestrian paths are arranged and wide driveways are laid. A children's playground, a recreation area and a sports ground are being built in the courtyard. Street lights are being installed, trees and ornamental plants are being planted.

Apartments parameters

You can buy an apartment in the residential complex "Sukharevo" with one-, two- and three-room layouts. The area of ​​housing is from 40 to 72 m2, the price per square meter takes into account:

installation of PVC profile window blocks with double glazing;

single-chamber glazing of loggias in PVC bindings;

electrical wiring, as well as the installation of switches and sockets in all rooms;

fire alarm installation;

laying water pipes to the bathroom and to the kitchen;

installation of steel heating radiators equipped with control devices;

toilet in the bathroom;

water, electricity and heat meters;


fiber optic connection providing high-speed internet, television and telephone.

Apartments are sold for cash, under an equity participation agreement and on credit. There is a possibility to pay the cost by checks "Housing". More information on how to purchase can be obtained from the developer's office.


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Toll-free number (USA):
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Residential complex Sukharevo on the map of Minsk

st. Sharangovich / st. Yankovsky, Sucharava


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