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Real estate in new buildings from developers of Minsk

RC Minsk World, Southern Europe Quarter
RC Minsk World, Southern Europe Quarter
From 1314$ / m2
ID: 676 | 25 floors
Railway number 36, 38 on Polygraphic lane.
Railway number 36, 38 on Polygraphic lane.
From 1078$ / m2
ID: 675 | 7 floors
on the street. Eastern - Oleshev
on the street. Eastern - Oleshev
From 1113$ / m2
ID: 674 | 10 floors
From 1150$ / m2
ID: 673 | 19 floors
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Minsk. Hot real estate deals

Olympic Park
Olympic Park
From 1570$ / m2
ID: 640 | 5 floors

Real estate in Minsk

Location, climate, and economy

Minsk is the capital of Belarus, geographically located almost in the center of the country, on the Svisloch River.

The climate is temperate continental with a significant influence of the air masses of the Atlantic Ocean. It is warm in the summer; there is no heat. Winter is mild, thaws are frequent.

The city's economy is based on the following key industries: metalworking, mechanical engineering, chemical and woodworking, pulp and paper industry, production of building materials.

Market and real estate prices in Minsk

The real estate market in Minsk shows different trends in segments. There are a huge number of houses and cottages offered for sale. The reason: this type of real estate requires investments and expensive maintenance, and also - you need to use the land, work on it, and not everyone is ready for now. The mass exodus of citizens abroad should also be taken into account. If people are often in no hurry to part with apartments, then they prefer to sell country houses and houses in the city, since buyers are looking at offers for a long time (remoteness, analysis of the location, quality of the land plot). Therefore, ready-made residential real estate in Minsk of this type is more popular so that it is not completed or repaired. The number of tourists from near and far abroad countries has also decreased, which is important for agro-ecotourism and the corresponding investment in agro- and eco-projects.

Commercial real estate in Minsk experienced a state of uncertainty on the market until the end of the first half of 2022. Key tenants continue to leave, space is being rotated, demand for large offices is falling, as many companies, including foreign ones, prefer to change their location to other countries. However, some analysts still hope that demand for office space will pick up in the medium term.

On the contrary, apartments are in high demand. Interest is supported by buyers from provincial regions of the country, Minsk residents tend to buy real estate in Minsk in order to improve their living conditions, in addition, local residents buy the most interesting apartments (for example, put into operation in new residential complexes) to rent to Russians for short-term rent, also in many families students go to study in Minsk from the provinces. Buying residential real estate in Minsk (apartments) in conditions of increased risks means getting a chance to save the money invested (from rent, sale).

In August 2022, activity was high, but real estate prices in Minsk for apartments are relatively stable - a balance has been reached between supply and demand. Customer reviews generally confirm the compliance of the facilities under construction with the quality standards adopted in the country.

The minimum cost of real estate in Minsk (1 sq. m.):

  • apartment (new building) - 1000 USD,
  • apartment (resale) - 1210 USD,
  • house - 800 USD,
  • cottage — 1500 USD,
  • land plot - 50 USD,
  • office space - 1200 USD.

Due to the high dynamics of price changes, it makes sense to find only relevant information on objects at the time of the request.

Property types for sale

primary and secondary fund:

  • apartments in the residential complex, separate houses, cottages,
  • commercial facilities (warehouse, office, retail space, etc.);
  • land plots.

The GEOLN.COM real estate website has a user-friendly interface that allows you to quickly search the catalog for real estate objects from a developer or owner in the secondary market without an intermediary and get advice. The sale of real estate in Minsk is regulated by law, but in order to avoid problems without problems, it is advisable to use the information of experts and follow the recommendations.

Buying real estate in Minsk is an investment that gives you the opportunity to save your money in the face of political and economic instability, get the opportunity to improve your living conditions, move from the region to the capital in order to educate children, and use the developed infrastructure of the city.

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