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Project info

Object ID: 659
Finished at October 2020
Price, m2 From 1124$
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Installment plan Рассрочка до 5 лет, без увеличения стоимости.
Bank mortgage
Property type Aparment building
Square from 36.30 m2
Floors 25
Apartments 10000
Building phase Facade finished
Condition Black walls
Ceiling height 2.70 m.
Construction type Monolyth
Conveniences Parking
Underground parking
Kids playground
Near school
Near kindergarten
Near supermarket
Nearby subway stations
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About the project

The large-scale residential complex Mayak Minsk is now so fashionable “city within a city” - developed, modern and very comfortable.

The Lighthouse of Minsk includes 38 houses with unique names in honor of world famous artists:

The 1st stage of construction consists of the following houses: House 32 Rembrandt, House 33 Van Gogh, House 37 Monet, House 38 Modigliani.

2nd stage; House 6 Chagall, House 7 Renoir, House 11 Manet, House 21 Poplok.

Stage 3: House 13 Dali, House 23 Matisse, House 26 Degas, House 36 Kandinsky, House 40 Mordian, House 41 Russo, House 42 Sezan, House 43 Rodin,

Stage 4: 3.1 Dana Tower 1, 3.2 Dana Tower 2, 17A Rubens, 17B Trician, 17V Goya, 18A Aivazovsky, 18B Paya Jovanovic, 18V Tintorentto, 19A Velazquez, 19B Miro, 20A Caravanjo, 20B Klimt, 24 Picasso, 29 Napoleon Orda , 30 Bruegel, 34 Delacroix, 47 Stradivari

5 turn: 5 Michelangelo, 15 Schumanovich, 16 Khrutsky, 28 Da Vinci, 39 Raphael, 30 Bruegel

6 turn: 8 Shishkin, 10 Gauguin.

The residential complex is located on the street. Skaryna, st. Kalinovsky and ave. Independence, the project is being conducted by the construction company Dana Holding. The main features of the complex are a good location and well-thought-out infrastructure solutions.

The new residential complex Mayak unites residential buildings of 19-25 floors and offers 1, 2, 3-room cozy apartments and luxurious penthouses. The best materials and modern technologies are used for the construction of houses, all apartment layouts are carefully thought out and designed.

The developer builds it from environmentally friendly high-quality materials, the supporting structure of the house is a monolithic reinforced concrete frame. The building windows have panoramic glazing.

In the new residential complex Mayak Minsk, prices per square meter are absolutely justified, because buyers receive not only comfortable housing, but also a landscaped area with developed infrastructure. The courtyard of the complex is landscaped, the project includes several newest playgrounds and many comfortable areas for sports and recreation.

There are kindergartens and schools on the territory of the complex, shops and pharmacies have been open for a long time, there is a fitness club and a beauty salon, restaurants and cafes.

It is not surprising that the sale of apartments in the residential complex Mayak Minsk is so active.

Separately, it should be noted that the developer cares about the drivers - there are enough parking spaces on the territory of the complex, including large underground parking lots.

Those wishing to buy an apartment in the residential complex Mayak Minsk from a developer should find out the current cost per square meter by going to the official website of the construction company Dana Holding. The latest photos and news of the project are also posted there.


Dana Holdings is the largest investment and construction company operating mainly in Eastern Europe, but constantly expanding the geographic…
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+995 (558) 7000 88

Toll-free number (USA):
+1 855 588 8066

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Mayak Minsk on the map of Minsk

ул. Кирилла Туровского, 2-26, ул. Петра Мстиславца, 1-5, 20-24, Majak Minska


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