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Real estate in new builds from developers of Mersin

Tarsus Panaroma Evleri
Tarsus Panaroma Evleri
From 300$ / m2
ID: 6414 | 14 floors
Guler Infinity
Guler Infinity
From 300$ / m2
ID: 6412 | 15 floors
Era City
Era City
From 430$ / m2
ID: 6410 | 18 floors
Mersin New City
Mersin New City
From 425$ / m2
ID: 6408 | 22 floors
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Resale property from owners in Mersin

Apartment 1 bedroom 55 m² in Mersin
Apartment 1 bedroom 55 m² in Mersin
ID: 24983 | 55 m2 | Apartment
Apartment 1 bedroom 52 m² in Mersin
Apartment 1 bedroom 52 m² in Mersin
ID: 24981 | 52 m2 | Apartment
Apartments by the sea in Turkey, Mersin
Apartments by the sea in Turkey, Mersin
ID: 21150 | 125 m2 | Apartment

Mersin. Hot real estate deals

Pozcu Evo
Pozcu Evo
From 760$ / m2
ID: 6353 | 7 floors
Semt Yenikoy
Semt Yenikoy
From 900$ / m2
ID: 5610 | 23 floors

Real Estate in Mersin

Location, climate, economy, and infrastructure

Mersin is a city in Turkey, located in its southeastern part, on the Mediterranean coast of the Mersin Gulf. The climate is mild, Mediterranean (quite hot summers, relatively warm winters). It rains from December to February, the temperature can sometimes drop below +5 degrees Celsius.

The city has following developed industries: fishing, oil, food, textiles, the second largest port in the country operates in Mersin. The city is considered a climatic resort and is becoming more and more attractive for tourists; tourism is becoming one of the most profitable sectors of the economy. The construction of a nuclear power plant began in the il (region) of Mersin in 2018. Equipped beaches that meet all requirements are somewhat removed from the center. There is no airport in Mersin itself, however, the opening of a new Çukurova International Airport is expected, 40 km from the city. It is assumed that this airport will become the second in the country after Istanbul, turning into one of the country's main air routes.

Market and real estate prices in Mersin

The real estate market in Mersin is developing dynamically. Located between Antalya and Adana, the city is considered the best place to invest, since the cost of real estate in Mersin is relatively low (less than in Antalya), the conditions correspond to the comfort of a Mediterranean city, and the price increase dynamics is comparable. Foreigners highly appreciate the potential of the market. Residential real estate in Mersin in residential complexes along sandy beaches is in particular demand, which stimulates a further increase in prices.

In addition, the population of the city is growing: the flow of migration to the country from Russia is increasing due to the growing economic and political problems there. They want to buy residential property in Mersin for renting it out, but also to a large extent for moving to a permanent residence. As a rule, the area of an apartment here is around 90 sq.m., which is the norm for the local market. Real estate in Mersin is diverse and affordable for buyers with different incomes. Feedback from buyers confirms the compliance of the new facilities under construction with European quality standards.

New housing from the developer is offered on the coastline - apartments with one, two bedrooms at a price of 30,000 euros to 140,000 euros. The cost of 4-5 room apartments is in the range of 60,000-65,000 euros, duplexes and penthouses - from 120,000 euros. Individual houses, villas, cottages - from 600 euros per sq. m and. Secondary housing prices are 10-15% lower than in new buildings. Prices for land plots vary depending primarily on the area, location of the plot, its quality, surrounding area, infrastructure and purpose (for large-scale construction, individual development, and for agriculture or other purposes) in the range of 8-400 euros per sq. m. Especially expensive is the land close to the sea. Commercial real estate (for offices, retail space, etc.) - 500-800 euros per sq.m. The change in prices is in a certain dynamics and it is advisable to use only the information that is relevant at the time of the request.

Property types for sale

Following real estate is presented in the city:

  • primary and secondary housing, including apartments, villas, townhouses;
  • commercial fund (warehouse, retail, office facilities);
  • buildings at the stage of design and construction;
  • free land plots for building.

Real estate website in Mersin (full catalog)

It is safer to use the information of experts and follow their recommendations. GEOLN.COM real estate website is able to help investors and buyers to search for properties.

Buying real estate in Mersin (nuances)

Buying real estate in Mersin for the purpose of living away from the bustle of the city, next to the promenade and beaches is advisable in the areas of Teje, Cheshmeli, Kargipinary, Tomyuk and Arpachbakhshish. The resort area with its bustle and festive atmosphere is Kozhakhasanly and Ayar districts. The best infrastructure is in the areas of Erdemli, Mezetli, and Yenisehir. Gasified areas with an embankment and a marina - Teje, Davultepe, and Mezetir.

Buying real estate in Mersin means making a profitable investment: with a low purchase price and stable growth in value, you can have a constant rental income, live and relax in a Mediterranean city by the sea with a developed economy and infrastructure.

Real estate prices in Mersin

DistrictPrice from
Ayas 700$ / m2
Davultepe 390$ / m2
Peace Neighborhood 300$ / m2
Selcuklar Neighborhood 425$ / m2
Tece 300$ / m2
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