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Real estate in new builds from developers of Kyrgyzstan

From 470$ / m2
ID: 3429 | 9 floors
Club House Siena
Club House Siena
From 1000$ / m2
ID: 3428 | 5 floors
From 650$ / m2
ID: 3427 | 10 floors
Kok-Zhar ELDIK
Kok-Zhar ELDIK
From 450$ / m2
ID: 3426 | 10 floors
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Resale property from owners in Kyrgyzstan

Продается участок с домом, минигостиницей
Продается участок с домом, минигостиницей
ID: 25727 | 130 m2 | Floor: 1/3 | Townhouse
ЖК "Престиж"
ЖК "Престиж"
ID: 25291 | 46 m2 | Floor: 2/9 | Apartment
Excellent brick house for sale in Bishkek
Excellent brick house for sale in Bishkek
ID: 23685 | 64 m2 | Floor: -1/1 | Cottage
Sell ​​ready business, hotel 500 sq.m. 15 acres
Sell ​​ready business, hotel 500 sq.m. 15 acres
ID: 23470 | 500 m2 | Hotel

Kyrgyzstan. Hot real estate deals

Club house Aristocrat
Club house Aristocrat
From 1200$ / m2
ID: 3411 | 2 floors
Club house Prestige Hall
Club house Prestige Hall
From 1910$ / m2
ID: 3410 | 4 floors
From 680$ / m2
ID: 3388 | 10 floors

Real estate in Kyrgyzstan

Location, climate, and economy

Kyrgyzstan is a country located in a mountainous area - in the center and in the west of the Tien Shan, in the Pamir-Alai. The country is a member of the United Nations. The climate is pronounced continental, the temperature amplitude in winter is from -30°C (mountain valleys), in summer +27°C (Fergana valley).

Energy is the foundation of the economy; gold mining and the production of livestock agricultural products are of significant importance as well. Tourism plays an ever-increasing role.

Real estate market in Kyrgyzstan

The market is experiencing certain difficulties: materials are becoming more expensive due to logistical problems and the impact of global force majeure. For the same reason, the flow of funds from migrant compatriots working in other countries is decreasing, which further reduces the purchasing power and market potential. Residential real estate in Kyrgyzstan in residential complexes, and those that are being built for commercial purposes, are being built by large developers with extensive experience and resources. The rest are leaving the market, unable to cope with the problems, thus reducing the competitive component.

At the same time, the country's population is growing, which stimulates demand; with a limited supply, it has a deferred character. The sale of real estate in Kyrgyzstan is slowly increasing in terms of the number of transactions. The cost of real estate in Kyrgyzstan is growing at a slow pace for both primary and secondary housing, as well as commercial real estate. Signs of market activation are especially evident in large urban agglomerations (Osh, Bishkek), however, no one can predict how external factors (war and sanctions) may generally affect in the medium term.

The price of real estate in Kyrgyzstan (where it is profitable to invest)

The price of housing is affected by location, availability of developed infrastructure, area, layout, number of storeys, comfort class, condition and other parameters. To determine the cost of commercial facilities, the type of building, decoration, high-speed Internet connection, and security are essential to consider first. All parameters of the building and premises must correspond to the tasks that the business project sets for itself.

The most popular among investors is the capital of the country - Bishkek, where there are many real estate options, and the highest rental income. Customer reviews for the most part confirm the compliance of the erected facilities with building standards.

Approximate prices for real estate in Bishkek (per sq.m.):

  • apartments - 800 USD;
  • at home - 900 USD;
  • commercial premises - 800 USD.

Given the high price dynamics, it is advisable to use only up-to-date information.

Real estate website in Kyrgyzstan

When choosing a property you should rely on the information of experts. GEOLN.COM real estate website (with a convenient search interface) contains a full catalog of real estate in Kyrgyzstan.

Types of real estate in Kyrgyzstan for sale

Objects are classified as follows:

  • primary (new buildings),
  • secondary (from the owner), including residential, non-residential (commercial).

Residential real estate - apartments in new houses, old-built (“Khrushchev” type apartments , etc.) and detached houses. Non-residential (commercial) - premises in multi-storey residential buildings, specialized business centers, administrative buildings, mansions, they can house shops, shopping centers, hotels, warehouses, etc.

Buying real estate in Kyrgyzstan by foreigners (nuances)

Foreign investors have the right to buy real estate in Kyrgyzstan if they only left the country for no more than three months during the year, and if they have a residence permit. It is forbidden to transfer the land to foreigners.

Investing in real estate in Kyrgyzstan is profitable with a moderate investment price and rental income.

Real estate prices in Kyrgyzstan

CityPrice from
Bishkek 430$ / m2
Osh 650$ / m2
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