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Real estate in new builds from developers of Germany

Schwartau 7
Schwartau 7
From 5173$ / m2
ID: 14168 | 3 floors
Das Luv
Das Luv
From 5582$ / m2
ID: 14167 | 3 floors
Dibberns Hoff 5+7
Dibberns Hoff 5+7
From 3680$ / m2
ID: 14166 | 3 floors
From 5000$ / m2
ID: 14137 | 3 floors
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Resale property from owners in Germany

Commercial apartment building in Frankfurt-am-Main
Commercial apartment building in Frankfurt-am-Main
ID: 25173 | 1600 m2 | Apartment
2-room apartment near Stuttgart
2-room apartment near Stuttgart
ID: 24762 | 55 m2 | Apartment
3.5 room apartment near Stuttgart
3.5 room apartment near Stuttgart
ID: 24761 | 70 m2 | Floor: 3/3 | Apartment
Profitable house in Germany, Augsburg
Profitable house in Germany, Augsburg
ID: 21574 | 2700 m2 | Apartment
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Commercial property in Germany

Store in Germany, Or-Erkenschvik
Store in Germany, Or-Erkenschvik
ID: 21540 | 6065 m2 | Commercial property
Store in Germany, Thuringia, Jena
Store in Germany, Thuringia, Jena
ID: 21527 | 7564 m2 | Commercial property
Shop in Germany, Salzgitter
Shop in Germany, Salzgitter
ID: 21465 | 8625 m2 | Commercial property
Store in Germany, Osnabrück
Store in Germany, Osnabrück
ID: 21444 | 6530 m2 | Commercial property
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Real estate in Germany

Location, climatic conditions, and economy

Germany (officially the Federal Republic of Germany) is a country in the central part of Europe, bordered by the Baltic and North Seas. Member of the EU and NATO.

Climate: in the east and southeast - temperate continental (hot summers and cold winters), maritime (rainy summers, warm winters) - in the north, in the Alps - mountainous.

The economy consists of the following main industries: electrical engineering, chemistry, auto and shipbuilding, services, and agriculture (small family farms). Product performance is significantly higher than the EU average. Germany occupies a leading position in terms of quality of life. Students from different countries seek education in German universities (there are more than three hundred and seventy universities).

Real estate market in Germany and prices (where it is better to invest)

The price boom continues. The cost of real estate in Germany has increased over the last quarter by more than 10% for residential buildings, almost 2% for commercial, and it continues to grow. However, the demand for the purchase of real estate in the first quarter of 2022 decreased by 18%. In addition, banking experts note that if interest rates continue to rise, a downward price correction should be expected. Rising prices make it harder for sellers to find buyers. Those who initially wanted to buy property in Germany, are now looking for the opportunity to rent it instead. The specialists believe that these circumstances may hold back the dynamics of prices in the medium term. Prices will continue to rise in the coming period, the supply hardly responds to the still stable demand, which is stimulated by migrants from Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine.

Based on the ratio of prices by city, you can see which locations are more profitable to invest in. In particular, Berlin is the best in terms of these indicators (more than 12%). The city ranks first in the country in terms of sales of residential real estate, remaining the most prestigious for investment, followed by: Cologne (more than 11.9%), Munich (11.5%), then Hamburg, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt am Main. Investments in commercial properties located in tourist areas provide high returns.

Customer reviews confirm that the primary residential real estate in Germany in the residential complexes complies with European building standards. The choice of real estate in the secondary fund is quite diverse. The sale of real estate in Germany is based on detailed legal procedures that ensure transparency and security.

Estimated prices for real estate is 2,500-3,800 euros per square meter. The most expensive real estate is in Munich, where the cost per square meter is about 7,500 euros. Housing in Berlin will cost 2900-3900 euros/sq.m. Of all the megacities in the country, only real estate in the capital and in Cologne costs less than 4,000 euros per sq. m. Among the resort segment, secondary housing of an economy class of a small area in Baden-Baden - from 100,000 euros, on Lake Constance (Friedrichshafen) - from 160,000 euros. The range of prices per square meter for land plots is quite large, depending on the location, land quality, and adjacent infrastructure: from 350 euros and much higher.

 Property types for sale

  • residential (apartments in apartment buildings, detached houses with land plots, house for several families with separate entrances);
  • commercial: industrial, trade (shop, shopping center, supermarket), warehouse, office,
  • land plots.

Commercial property has differences from residential in terms of tax and construction, as well as financing. However, sometimes real estate, according to its characteristics, can be both commercial and residential, in particular, peasant estates.

Real estate website in Germany

It is safer to use the information of experts and follow their recommendations. GEOLN.COM real estate website (with a convenient search interface) contains a fullcatalog of real estate in Germany.

Buying property in Germany by foreigners (nuances)

German law allows foreigners to acquire full ownership of any objects. A citizen of another country has the right to purchase commercial, residential real estate, and land plots in all federal states of Germany. Ownership of property provides the right to a Schengen multivisa, but is not a basis for obtaining a residence permit.

Investing in real estate in Germany gives the prospect of living and self-improvement in a free economy, a creative atmosphere, and the possibility of obtaining a consistently high income from the provision of real estate for rent.

Real estate prices in Germany

CityPrice from
Berlin 3,700$ / m2
Cologne 6,426$ / m2
Dusseldorf 5,846$ / m2
Frankfurt 7,123$ / m2
Hamburg 5,400$ / m2
Leipzig 3,120$ / m2
Munich 2,500$ / m2
Nuremberg 5,680$ / m2
Potsdam 7,800$ / m2
Wiesbaden 5,710$ / m2

Real estate in cities of Germany

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