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Real estate in new builds from developers of Finland

Asunto Oy Kotkan Uutelantie
Asunto Oy Kotkan Uutelantie
From 6240$ / m2
ID: 17430 | 1 floor
As Oy Jyvaskylan Kaarna
As Oy Jyvaskylan Kaarna
From 5423$ / m2
ID: 17429 | 3 floors
Asunto Oy Espoon Rovastin helmi
Asunto Oy Espoon Rovastin helmi
From 6756$ / m2
ID: 17428 | 4 floors
Asunto Oy Tuusulan Luutnantti
Asunto Oy Tuusulan Luutnantti
From 5620$ / m2
ID: 17426 | 6 floors
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Resale property from owners in Finland

Top floor apartment right in the center
Top floor apartment right in the center
ID: 25477 | 87 m2 | Floor: 8/8 | Apartment
House in Finland, Kouvola
House in Finland, Kouvola
ID: 21563 | 87 m2 | Cottage
House in Finland, Porvoo
House in Finland, Porvoo
ID: 21541 | 197 m2 | Cottage
Land plot by the lake in Finland, Rautjärvi Sale
Land plot by the lake in Finland, Rautjärvi Sale
ID: 21513 | Apartment
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Commercial property in Finland

Office in Finland, Helsinki
Office in Finland, Helsinki
ID: 21160 | 132 m2 | Floor: 1 | Commercial property

Real estate in Finland

Location, climate, and economy

Finland (officially the Republic of Finland) is a Scandinavian country in Northern Europe. It borders with Sweden in the west, Norway in the northwest and Russia in the east. In the south and west, the shores of the country are bordered by the waters of the Baltic Sea and its bays - Finnish and Bothnia. The capital and largest city is Helsinki. It is a member of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the NATO Partnership for Peace, the Nordic Council, the EU, the Schengen Agreement and the Eurozone.

The climate is temperate, transitional from maritime to continental (in the north). Winters are long, frosty, with strong winds and lots of snow; summers are relatively warm but short.

Finland is a highly developed industrial and agricultural country. The leading industries are metallurgical, machine-building (shipbuilding, electronic equipment, etc.), pulp and paper, woodworking, ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, chemical, textile, clothing, and food. All types of modern transport are developed. The Finnish economy is based on private enterprise, while the government controls a number of sectors of the economy and monopolizes some of them.

Market and real estate prices in Finland

The real estate market in Finland is growing and attracting more and more foreigners. At the end of 2021, the total volume of the real estate investment sector reached 91.5 billion euros, jumping in a year from 82.7 billion euros. Foreign investors continue to strengthen their positions (their market share is 30.4%).

Interest in investment in residential real estate is growing at the fastest pace (the market share of this sector has already reached 34%). Analysts also note the impressive profitability of residential real estate in Finland. One of the largest aggregate incomes last year was received by housing investors (12.8%).

Why buying residential property in Finland? Among the reasons it is also worth noting the following:

  • excellent ecology (according to official organizations, the nature in the country is incredibly beautiful and has healing properties);
  • reliability and safety (the state protects the property rights of the buyer, the country also has one of the lowest crime rates in the world, developed medicine and stable prices in the real estate market);
  • ease of making a deal;
  • high construction standards (compliance with all norms and requirements, use of high-quality materials, regardless of the object and scale of construction);
  • loyal mortgage conditions (both residents and foreign citizens can use it; rates are determined individually - from 2.8 to 5% per annum).

The cost of real estate in Finland

According to the Finnish Statistical Office, the price of real estate in Finland per square meter is 1,800 euros (the cost depends on the location). The most expensive apartments are located in the metropolitan area. In Helsinki and the surrounding area, buyers pay from 3,500 euros per square meter of real estate. In cities with more than 100 thousand people - 2,600 thousand euros. Accordingly, the smaller the settlement, the lower the average.

Property types for sale

Potential buyers can choose from the following types of real estate in Finland:

  • residential (apartments, private houses, individual houses (owned by residential cooperatives), cottages, villas, townhouses);
  • commercial (shopping space, office space, warehouses, industrial premises, etc.);
  • land plots.

Real estate website in Finland (full catalog)

We recommend that you use only expert information and follow the instructions of specialists. The site GEOLN.COM will help with this, since the current catalog of verified real estate in Finland is presented there.

Buying real estate in Finland by foreigners: the nuances of investing

There are no restrictions on the purchase or sale of real estate in Finland for non-residents. The contract can be concluded both for an individual and for a legal entity, but it is important to take into account some points of the law.

From January 1, 2020, foreign buyers from countries outside the EU or the European Economic Area (EEA) must obtain permission from the Finnish Ministry of Defense in order to buy property in Finland (does not apply to the purchase of shares in a residential company, that is, most apartments and townhouses).

The law applies to the purchase of properties throughout Finland, with the exception of the Åland Islands, since this is an autonomous province, which is regulated by its own legislation (a foreigner can buy property here only in an exceptional case, by applying for a special permit).

The purchase of land in Finland for citizens of other countries is also permitted. The acquisition process is transparent and safe, but if the site exceeds 0.5 hectares, the state has the right to buy it for construction for public needs.

Buying property in Finland is a profitable investment that guarantees high returns, stable income, living and recreation in one of the most prosperous and stable EU countries with the happiest population in the world.

Real estate prices in Finland

CityPrice from
Espoo 5,720$ / m2
Helsinki 5,175$ / m2
Hyryla 5,620$ / m2
Jyvaskyla 5,423$ / m2
Kempele 3,160$ / m2
Kontiolahti 3,404$ / m2
Kotka 6,240$ / m2
Mantsala 2,480$ / m2
Nikkila 6,100$ / m2
Vantaa 5,765$ / m2
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