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Real estate in new builds from developers of Canada

Gateway Point
Gateway Point
From 2610$ / m2
ID: 10358 | 2 floors | Cottage
Bloom and Timber Condominiums
Bloom and Timber Condominiums
From 2350$ / m2
ID: 10357 | 4 floors
McGrath Meadows
McGrath Meadows
From 1380$ / m2
ID: 10356 | 2 floors | Cottage
Allure Condominiums
Allure Condominiums
From 2220$ / m2
ID: 10355 | 4 floors | Townhouse
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Resale property from owners in Canada

Apartment in Canada, Toronto
Apartment in Canada, Toronto
ID: 21052 | 56 m2 | Floor: 6 | Apartment

Canada. Hot real estate deals

Gateway Point
Gateway Point
From 2610$ / m2
ID: 10358 | 2 floors | Cottage
The Greens on Gardiner
The Greens on Gardiner
From 17450$ / m2
ID: 10349 | 2 floors | Townhouse
Eastbrook on the Greens
Eastbrook on the Greens
From 1900$ / m2
ID: 10348 | 2 floors | Townhouse
Metro Condominiums
Metro Condominiums
From 2500$ / m2
ID: 10336 | 4 floors
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Real Estate in Canada

Location, climatic conditions, and economy

Canada is a country located in North America bordered by the oceans (Pacific, Atlantic, Arctic ), which has a colossal stock of fresh water (there are many lakes). Landscape: plains, mountains are situated only in the West Highland, where ski resorts are popular.

The climate in the country is diverse: in the north - polar, in the western part - moderate (the cold air of the Arctic can’t get through the rocky mountains), on the ocean coast - marine, on the rest (most of the territory) - continental (cold winters, warm and short summers, closer to the south summers are longer and warmer).

In the economy, the most important place is occupied by the following industries: the sector of services, industry, including mining (gas, oil, uranium, diamonds, gold, nickel, lead, zinc), energy (cheap renewable hydropower). Mineral fertilizers, pulp and paper products, timber products are supplied to exports (with preserving control over cutting out forests), fisheries are also controlled by the state. The industrial sector is represented by car assembling plants that perform orders of the best car brands and an aerospace complex. Canada is one of the most important global suppliers of agricultural products, above all wheat, as well as rapeseed, soybean, sunflower, fruit (peaches, pears, apples, and grapes).

Real estate market in Canada and prices (places where it is much better to invest)

Experts are somewhat conservative in their assessments and believe that the increase in property prices in Canada and sales volumes subsequently will not be as significant compared to the period of early 2022, as monetary policy on interest rates has become tighter. The low rate of 0.25%, set during the pandemic, was maintained for some time as a measure to stimulate the economy and investment activity. However, due to rising inflation, the Bank of Canada raised the rate twice for the first time in five years: to 0.5%, then to 1%. True, financial analysts are unanimous in their opinion that in the future the rate increase will have a smooth dynamics, so that they should act cautiously, assessing the short-term and medium-term prospects step by step. After some decline in demand, housing activity will begin to strengthen again, the cost of real estate in Canada will continue to grow, but at a more moderate pace.

A stable economic situation favors buying real estate first of all, rather than renting it, as in most European countries, where they prefer to rent a house. Residential real estate in Canada at a price compares favorably with Moscow, New York, or London. Based on detailed legal procedures, the sale of real estate in Canada is as simple, transparent and safe as possible. The quality of housing in new residential complexes meets building standards, which is confirmed by customer reviews. It should also be noted that the population of the country is growing due to the increase in the number of migrants and students.

The prices of housing and commercial real estate in cities depend on climatic zones, economic and infrastructural specifics. Estimated price of real estate in Canada:

  • in Ottawa, an apartment in a residential area is from $3,000 per sq.m, on the outskirts and closer to the center, respectively, cheaper and more expensive. Two-room townhouse on the outskirts is about $160,000. Commercial real estate is in high demand here due to its low cost: a coffee shop or a cafe in the city center - $65,000, an art gallery - about $30,000;
  • in Quebec on the outskirts one square meter of housing will cost from $1,500, in the center - from $2,500, the price of a one-bedroom house - from $150,000:
  • in Montreal in the center - from 3,400 USD per square meter, in a residential area - from 2,400 USD per square meter;
  • in Vancouver and Toronto, the average apartment prices are about $400,000, a studio is half the price if it is located on the outskirts, the price of a townhouse is from $500,000, and a private house is from $900,000.
  • The spread of prices per square meter for land plots is quite large depending on the climatic zone, area, land quality, purpose, adjacent infrastructure (from $3 per sq.m. up to $200 per sq.m and more).

Property types for sale

  • residential (apartments in apartment buildings, detached houses, cottages, villas, mansions, townhouses);
  • commercial: industrial (industrial enterprises), trade (shop, shopping center, supermarket), hotels, warehouses, offices, etc.
  • building land, agricultural land, forest land and massifs.

Real estate site in Canada

It is safer to use the information of experts and follow their recommendations. GEOLN.COM real estate (with a convenient search interface) contains a full catalog of real estate in Canada.

Buying property in Canada by foreigners (nuances)

In accordance with the laws of the country, foreign citizens have the right to buy property in Canada without restrictions (with the exception of recreational areas).

Investing in Canadian real estate is a relatively inexpensive investment in the richest country with a free economy, an atmosphere of creativity and respect for human rights, a developed infrastructure, with the possibility of obtaining high income from the provision of real estate for use under a lease agreement.

Real estate prices in Canada

CityPrice from
Calgary 1,200$ / m2
Edmonton 1,400$ / m2
Halifax 1,500$ / m2
Hamilton 2,780$ / m2
Montreal 2,000$ / m2
Ottawa 1,530$ / m2
Toronto 3,250$ / m2
Vancouver 7,050$ / m2
Victoria 4,260$ / m2
Winnipeg 1,380$ / m2
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