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Real estate in new builds from developers of Austria

Wohnen am Sonnendeck
Wohnen am Sonnendeck
From 8100$ / m2
ID: 14206 | 3 floors
From 5045$ / m2
ID: 14205 | 5 floors
Wohnen am Renninger
Wohnen am Renninger
From 7570$ / m2
ID: 14204 | 4 floors
Doppelvillen Am Lerchenfeld
Doppelvillen Am Lerchenfeld
From 4665$ / m2
ID: 14203 | 2 floors
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Resale property from owners in Austria

Apartment for sale in Austria
Apartment for sale in Austria
ID: 26293 | 163 m2 | Floor: 2/1 | Villa
Penthouse in a big city in Austria, Vienna
Penthouse in a big city in Austria, Vienna
ID: 21001 | 428 m2 | Apartment

Real estate in Austria

Location, climatic conditions, and economy

Austria (officially the Republic of Austria) is a country located in the central part of Europe, more than 50% of the territory is occupied by mountains (most of it is the Eastern Alps), half of the territory is covered by forests. A member of the United Nations Organization, the European Union, since 1955 it has maintained its neutrality and non-bloc status.

The climate is temperate continental: warm, sunny summers and mild winters on the plains (cold in the mountains). In summer, the average temperature is +20°C. The temperature in winter on the plains drops to -3°C, and in the mountains - to -15°C.

In 2020, Austria was recognized as the happiest country in the European Union according to the UN rating. The economy is developing dynamically. GDP per person in Austria is higher than in Germany and France. According to experts, the country is a reliable investment direction. In Austria, following industries play an important role: chemical, petrochemical, electrical, textile, woodworking, agriculture is developed (organic products are produced here - a quarter of agricultural land is cultivated without harmful chemistry and genetic modification), tourism, high technologies, including IT and aerospace technologies.

Market and real estate prices in Austria

The cost of real estate in Austria is growing, prices are rising smoothly, without sharp spikes, but steadily, which for investors is the most important signal of the stability of the economy as a whole. The advantages of the country for the purpose of investment are as follows:

  •  powerful industrial base,
  •  skilled workforce,
  •  environmental discipline (in 2021 the country ranked second in the EU in terms of water purity),
  •  low unemployment,
  •  tourist attraction.

In Austria, rental property is popular, which stimulates investment in this market segment. Growing demand is influenced by the following factors:

  •  stable influx of students and specialists;
  •  a sufficient number of jobs;
  •  variety of objects on the market;
  •  development of the service sector;
  • opportunity to interact with European business partners.

 Estimated property price (per sq. m):

  •  apartments - 8,000 euros,
  •  villas - 9,000 euros,
  •  commercial premises - 500 euros,
  •  land plots - 500 euros.

 Property types for sale

  • primary and secondary real estate, including apartments in condominiums, apartments in private houses, attic apartments, lofts, penthouses, apartments with a terrace, detached houses (villas),
  • commercial premises,
  • land plots (agricultural, forestry, urban)

Real estate website in Austria (full catalog)

It is safer to use the information of experts and follow their recommendations. GEOLN.COM real estate website contains a vast number of objects for sale around the world.

Buying property in Austria: the nuances

Citizens of the European Union countries have the right to purchase real estate, except for agricultural land and forest plots. For such lands, permission from the authorities is required. Non-EU citizens are required to obtain a special permit to purchase any property. Each case is considered individually and for a long time (up to several months). Permission can be issued if the transaction is of interest to the country: social, cultural, economic, does not contradict state and political interests (security issues).

Buying real estate in Austria is profitable, it is an investment for the purpose of obtaining a permanent rental income, the opportunity to live in a country with a developed economy and a high quality of life.

Real estate prices in Austria

CityPrice from
Alland 4,665$ / m2
Feldkirchen bei Graz 3,810$ / m2
Graz 5,545$ / m2
Innsbruck 6,500$ / m2
Mondsee 6,035$ / m2
Ried im Innkreis 4,312$ / m2
Salzburg 8,456$ / m2
Sankt Pölten 3,963$ / m2
Stockerau 4,900$ / m2
Vienna 1,570$ / m2
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