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Osiedle Stacja Grochow in Warsaw

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Object ID: 8972
Finished at March 2022
Price, m2 From 3220$
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Installment plan
Bank mortgage
Property type Aparment building
Square from 26.00 m2
Floors 7
Apartments 550
Condition Turnkey
Ceiling height 2.80 m.
Construction type Monolyth
Conveniences Parking
Underground parking
Kids playground
Near school
Near supermarket
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About the project

About investment

The Stacja Grochów estate is a multi-stage investment of multi-family buildings, located in the northern part of the Praga-Południe district of Warsaw.


The investment located at Przeworska Street belongs to the right-bank Warsaw estate Grochów, located on the border of Praga-Południe and Targówek Fabryczny districts. The neighborhood is quiet, built into modern housing estates, well connected with other parts of the city and has a commercial, service, health and educational infrastructure.

The vicinity of the investment

The nearest kindergarten centers located next to the investment are kindergarten no. 51 "Misia Czarodzieja" located 300 meters away, and kindergarten no. 153 "Słoneczne" and private kindergarten “Rośnij z Didasko” located about 500 meters away. There are also primary schools nearby - no. Friends of Grochów (800 meters), private primary school No. 98 "Didasko" (1.1 kilometers), primary school No. 141 Major Henryk Sucharski (1.4 kilometers). There are cafes, beauty salons, tennis courts, fitness rooms, a veterinary clinic, private doctor's offices, pharmacies, bank branches, post office, churches, Szaserów Hospital, Siennicka Sports Hall. In the immediate vicinity of the estate there are Stokrotka, Żabka and Freshmarket grocery stores. The nearest green areas are Poliński Park, Praga Armii Krajowej Obwodu Park, Skaryszewski Park with Lake Kamionkowskie. Within 8 minutes by car, the Olszynka Grochowska nature reserve can be reached. Nearby shopping centers are Galeria Grochów (1.1 kilometers), Galeria Wiatraczna (1.5 kilometers), CH Szembeka (2.6 kilometers).


Buildings of varying heights (up to seven floors) are built in a simple modern style. The elevations were finished with plasters in a color combination of white and gray, and contrasting decorative elements were added. There are commercial and service premises on the ground floor.

Infrastructure of the estate

The investment has an open area, landscaped and enriched with elements of small architecture. The residents have at their disposal a playground for children, as well as underground and ground parking spaces. The buildings have silent elevators.


The investment is located near the Rondo Wiatraczna communication junction and the thoroughfares of Aleja Wojcietona, Grochowska Street and Aleja USA. Within 500 meters, there are bus stops allowing, among others, access to the Warszawa Wschodnia railway station. At a distance of 1.2 kilometers, there is the Wiatraczna tram terminus. The Veturilo city bike station is 650 meters away.

About apartments

The investment includes one, two, three and four-room apartments ranging in size from 26 to 87 square meters. Private gardens belong to the premises on the ground floor, the other apartments have balconies.


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Praga Południe, ul. Przeworska 7, Prague-South


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