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Apartamenty Nakielska
Apartamenty Nakielska
From 2650$ / m2
ID: 20403 | 7 floors
Osiedle Tercet
Osiedle Tercet
From 2330$ / m2
ID: 20370 | 7 floors
Nowe Poludnie
Nowe Poludnie
From 2250$ / m2
ID: 20369 | 11 floors
Apartamenty Niemcewicza 19
Apartamenty Niemcewicza 19
From 3780$ / m2
ID: 20368 | 5 floors
Solen Kabaty
Solen Kabaty
From 3180$ / m2
ID: 20367 | 4 floors
Nu! Warszawa Wola
Nu! Warszawa Wola
From 3340$ / m2
ID: 20366 | 8 floors
Harfowa 9
Harfowa 9
From 3660$ / m2
ID: 20365 | 3 floors
Osiedle Marynin
Osiedle Marynin
From 2600$ / m2
ID: 20329 | 5 floors
From 3035$ / m2
ID: 20323 | 6 floors
Fabrica Ursus
Fabrica Ursus
From 3450$ / m2
ID: 20315 | 6 floors
Miasteczko Jutrzenki
Miasteczko Jutrzenki
From 3200$ / m2
ID: 20314 | 7 floors
From 3600$ / m2
ID: 16925 | 4 floors
From 1970$ / m2
ID: 9259 | 2 floors | Cottage
Art Deco Mokotow
Art Deco Mokotow
From 2550$ / m2
ID: 9135 | 7 floors
Forest Homes
Forest Homes
From 1650$ / m2
ID: 8999 | 2 floors | Cottage
Osiedle Glebocka
Osiedle Glebocka
From 4240$ / m2
ID: 8984 | 4 floors
Metro Zachod
Metro Zachod
From 2380$ / m2
ID: 8982 | 5 floors
Apartamenty Wlodarzewska 70
Apartamenty Wlodarzewska 70
From 2980$ / m2
ID: 8979 | 2 floors
Osiedle Port Zeran
Osiedle Port Zeran
From 2000$ / m2
ID: 8977 | 6 floors
Apartamenty Dolny Mokotow
Apartamenty Dolny Mokotow
From 3340$ / m2
ID: 8974 | 8 floors
Osiedle Stacja Grochow
Osiedle Stacja Grochow
From 1780$ / m2
ID: 8972 | 7 floors
Chrzanowskiego 14
Chrzanowskiego 14
From 2520$ / m2
ID: 8964 | 6 floors
Nocznickiego 29
Nocznickiego 29
From 2900$ / m2
ID: 8962 | 6 floors
Apartamenty Krolewskie
Apartamenty Krolewskie
From 2000$ / m2
ID: 8949 | 5 floors

New buildings in Warsaw

City on the map

Warsaw is the capital and the largest metropolis in Poland in terms of population and territory. The Vistula River flows through the city, roughly dividing it equally.

Why is it profitable to buy apartments from the developers in Warsaw?

Economic growth, high living standards, profitability of investments and the opportunity to conduct business in calm, predictable and positive conditions, the guarantee of high-quality medicine and good education for children make Poland and its capital, Warsaw, attractive for investors.

Warsaw has a thriving economic environment with low unemployment. It is the financial center of Eastern Europe and at the same time an important consumer market, as well as a place of concentration of foreign investment. There are many enterprises producing electronics and high-tech products here. Thanks to the growing consumer market, the food industry is developing rapidly.

The city is attractive for cultural tourism: opera, philharmonic society, theaters are characterized by their unique atmosphere.

Higher educational institutions in the city accept many applicants: university, technological university, agricultural university, school of economics. In terms of the number of students, Warsaw occupies a leading position in the country.

Warsaw's climate is moderately continental, quite comfortable. Winters are quite mild - the air temperature, as a rule, does not drop below -8°C. Summers are warm and humid, with an average temperature of +20°C. Autumn usually lasts a long time and pleases with warmth, spring comes gradually. The rainiest month is July.

Warsaw as a whole maintains the pace of housing construction against the backdrop of a healthy, growing economy. The city is full of construction sites. Things have changed so much over the past few years that it's hard to recognize the central business area. But developers continue to build new skyscrapers. Tenants and the best European developers are showing serious interest in certain areas.

Experts refer to the features of new buildings in Warsaw:

  • developed market for new buildings,
  • annual growth in the value of real estate objects by 5-7%,
  • the most affordable real estate in the EU.

The demand for apartments in Warsaw from the developers continues to grow. Real estate prices in Warsaw in the new buildings are quite reasonable for the European real estate market.

New buildings in Warsaw from the developers have a fairly well-developed infrastructure in the immediate vicinity of a residential building. Residential complexes in Warsaw are being built according to building standards. Developers have professional experience and receive positive feedback on the quality of their work. The sale of apartments from developers can be carried out on installment plan basis. Investments in new buildings in Warsaw bring a stable income (rent, resale).

According to the real estate search engine GEOLN.COM, the minimum price per square meter for an apartment in black frame condition is $640.

Purchasing apartments in Warsaw in the new buildings for foreigners

If the objects of the transaction are related to land or are located in the border area, it is necessary to obtain permission from the Ministry of Internal affairs of Poland. These restrictions do not apply to apartments in cities and suburbs.

Highlights of Warsaw

  • Palace Square;
  • The Royal Castle;
  • Market Square;
  • Big theater;
  • Warsaw Zoo;
  • Wilanow Palace;
  • Palace of Culture and Science;
  • Historical Museum;
  • Column of Sigismund;
  • Krakowskie Przedmiescie;
  • Lazienki City Park;
  • Lazienki Palace;
  • Museum of the Polish Army;
  • Museum of Caricature;
  • Marie Curie Museum;
  • Chopin Museum;
  • National Museum;
  • Presidential palace.

In which areas it is better to live and where to invest

All areas of the Polish capital can be considered attractive.

The attractiveness of the districts is increasing due to the construction of new metro lines. In addition, new roads, interchanges, ring highways, tram lines and expressways are emerging in all parts of the city. The emphasis is on increasing the use of public transport by the population of Warsaw.

In general, experts believe that there are no good or bad investment areas in the city. All of them are interesting for the investor in their own way. The center of Warsaw is being intensively renewed. For example, Volya, Bemovo and Targuvek are promising in terms of metro development. Prague Pulnots attracts with historical buildings, completely restored and reconstructed after the war. There are many historic buildings here. In terms of infrastructure, the Bemovo region is developing dynamically. Many new houses are being built here and there is an increase in the cost per square meter of living space. The Ursus area, where there is free space for the construction of new houses, is especially being actively built up. The Bialolanka district, which is far from the center, is characterized by affordable real estate prices.

An apartment in the new buildings in Warsaw is a well-thought-out layout, original aesthetic architecture of residential buildings, the quality of materials and the experience of developers, as well as profitability of investment, comfort and high quality of life.

Prices per sq. m. in popular districts of Warsaw

DistrictPrices, from
Bialoleka1250$ / m2
Mokotow1450$ / m2
Prague-South1450$ / m2
Wola1450$ / m2
Italy1790$ / m2

Prices for new buildings near metro stations in Warsaw

MetroPrices, from
Dworzec Wileński1450$ / m2
Stadion Narodowy1300$ / m2
Rondo Daszyńskiego1450$ / m2
Marymont1600$ / m2
Wilanowska2050$ / m2
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