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Residenza Fontanile
Residenza Fontanile
Milan, Italy
From 3194$ / m2
ID: 11963 | 3 floors
W37 - Milano
W37 - Milano
Milan, Italy
From 4450$ / m2
ID: 11954 | 2 floors
Montecuccoli 35
Montecuccoli 35
Milan, Italy
From 2500$ / m2
ID: 11936 | 3 floors

New builds in Milan

City on the map

Milan is a metropolis in the Lombardy region (northern part of Italy).

Why is it profitable to buy apartments in the new builds of Milan?

Milan is the leader in terms of trade turnover after Rome and Venice, and the third most visited city in Italy. Today's Milan is a business center, attracting the attention of businessmen from all over the world. The city is home to stock exchange, financial and trading companies, and industrial enterprises in the suburbs.

Milan is the recognized capital of fashion, the most stylish and expensive city, which is quoted in this quality on a par with Paris. Fashion houses in Milan are world famous and light industry is well developed here as well. Millions of tourists dream of getting acquainted with historical sights and joining cultural life. The most popular newspaper in Italy - Corriere del Sera is published here.

Typical of the interior plains of northern Italy, Milan is characterized by a humid subtropical climate with some signs of continental, with hot, humid summers and cold rainy winters (in contrast to the Mediterranean climate in the south of the country).

Linate airport is located within the city limits and it is mainly used for domestic traffic. The airport in Bergamo is used for low-cost flights within Europe, charters and cargo transportation. The Malpensa International Airport is functioning in Milan and it is connected to the city center by a railway line. These three airports make Milan a major European hub for air travel.

Milan has a metro, buses, taxis, a tram system, trolleybuses that run in a loop around the city center with several branches to the outskirts, suburban and regional rail links. Milan Central Station is one of the largest in Europe.

The educational system of the city is represented by several dozen institutions (universities, academies, conservatory, institutes).

Real estate objects are presented in a wide variety. At one point Italy was able to avoid a construction boom and oversaturation of the market, as a result of which there was no sharp drop in the volume of home sales in almost all regions of the country. The bulk of the proposals is made up of secondary real estate, while the choice of new housing is still limited.

Due to the high demand and limited supply, prices for real estate in the new builds for sale are much higher than in secondary ones, and Italians themselves prevail among buyers, often making transactions even at the construction stage. In this case, there is no doubt that the residential complexes in Milan will be commissioned on time and completed using the latest technologies, as well as in compliance with the standards. Customer reviews confirm the good quality of the facilities being built. In addition, the sale of apartments from developers is carried out with full finishing and plumbing, sometimes with a set of kitchen furniture, the renovation also meets the standards.

Despite the rather expensive purchase price, investments in new homes for sale from the developers are profitable, given the high rental yield and, especially, from resale, which stimulates demand.

It is still possible to buy an apartment from a developer in Milan at a reasonable price ( considering EU standards). The minimum price per square meter of area in black frame condition (according to the information of the real estate search engine GEOLN.COM) is 2,500 USD.

Purchase of apartments in Milan by foreigners

At the legislative level, foreigners have the right to purchase real estate in the country.

Highly of the city

  • Milan Cathedral;
  • Duomo square;
  • the Sforza castle;
  • Santa Maria delle Grazie;
  • gallery of Victor Emmanuel II;
  • Royal Palace;
  • Branca Tower;
  • arena Chivica;
  • Santa Maria dela Passione;
  • royal villa of Monza;
  • Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci;
  • Basilica of St. Ambrose;
  • Piazza Mercanti;
  • Church of San Bernardino alle Ossa;
  • La Scala Opera House;
  • Basilica of San Lorenzo Maggiore;
  • Pinakothek Brera;
  • the Poldi Pezzoli Museum;
  • Villa Reale;
  • Velasca Tower;
  • Sempione Park;
  • the Naviglio Grande canal;
  • San Siro stadium;

and much more.

Areas in which it is better to buy and invest

It should be noted that prices for new homes, as they approach the historical center, increase. However, even large investments in housing located in the Duomo, Spiga or Brera areas are considered profitable in terms of its subsequent sale to wealthy foreigners.

For rent, the Cozzi area is more suitable, where the offices of large international companies are based and the University of Bicocca, where tens of thousands of students study.

Purchasing apartments in the new developments of Milan is a prestigious, expensive investment, which, nevertheless, will provide high rental income in the city of business, fashion, phenomenal tourist popularity and developed infrastructure.

Prices for new builds near metro stations in Milan

MetroPrice from
Bande Nere 2,500$ / m2
De Angeli 2,500$ / m2
Gambara 2,500$ / m2
Inganni 2,500$ / m2
Primaticcio 2,500$ / m2
Information prepared by real estate expert in Milan - Diana Kabakci
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